People made 0.35 million prank calls to Rescue 1122 in 2019

The punishment for making fake calls to rescue services is three years in prison.

Despite knowing the penalty of making fake calls to emergency rescue services like Police 15 and Rescue 1122 is three years in prison, people continue to take the risks. The people of Gilgit Baltistan (GB) took this to another level, as in 2019, 98% of the calls made to Rescue 1122 service were fake calls.

According to Rescue 1122 press release, its office in Gilgit-Baltistan received 352,789 fake calls, total calls made in 2019 were 360,165.

This means that ambulances of the rescue service were busy 0.35 million times with nothing. Since the Pakistani government has limited resources, one can only imagine how many lives were lost due to the unavailability of ambulances.

Services like these, which are there for the sole purpose of helping humanity, should be helped in every possible way. Yet, some non-serious elements of the society tease it through fake calls, affecting its efficiency.

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