‘Only 0.57% women in Pakistan are divorced, every second woman is illiterate’

Part of this report shows that 98.4% of women that are over the age of 10 years are not economically active

Only 0.57% women in Pakistan are divorced | Pulse Consultant

Pulse Consultant has launched ‘Pink Pakistan,’ a series of statistics and data about the women of the country.

Part of this report shows that 98.4% of women that are over the age of 10 years are not economically active. Around 68% of the population is married and 0.57% are divorced! This shows that despite all the ‘family problems’ the family system of the country remains intact.

Pulse Consultant’s data

Pulse Consultant also revealed that every second woman is literate. Urban women in Sindh have the highest literacy rate, and women of Urban Punjab ranked second. In KP, almost every second woman is literate, but the challenge prevails in the province of Balochistan.

In the rural areas of the country, six out of ten women never attend school, and this quantity is dropped after primary education. Around 5% of women reach graduation and study at the university level. In the urban areas, the drop is observed mainly after matric.

Pakistan’s divorce rate

Prior to this, a survery was carried out by Gallup and Gilani, which showed that 58% of Pakistanis believed that divorce rates have increased in Pakistan.

In this survey, it was observed that 2 in 5 of the respondents were of the view that in-laws are responsible in most cases. After this, the covid-19 pandemic worsened this numbers. In the first quarter of 2020, around 3,800 divorce cases were filed in Karachi only.

In between January to November of 2021, the District Judiciary of Rawalpindi reported that 10,312 files of khula, divorce, maintenance and guardianship were registered. The number of divorce cases surprisingly went up the most in rural regions.

The number is high because there are many cases of forced marriage, and the pandemic caused these marriages to fall apart at a faster rate.

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  • So what dso u want to prove? That huge amount of women are illeterate while only a few are divorced so Divorce/marriage is not a issue. In short Woman should not marry. Now look at Sweden, West and Jpan. Its in a downward irreversible spiral. Take some lesson, Klay ANgraiz who want to blindly follow west.

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