10 Most Bizarre Dresses Worn On Fashion Shows

Fashion is one way to escape the reality and jump into the world of colors and creativity. To keep up with what’s trending, we often turn to fashions shows. Most of it is quite pleasing to the eyes and makes us appreciate how fine human mind can be, but few of them just leave us speechless where we are only asking ourselves inside our head ‘WHO WEARS THAT?’

Here are 10 of those moments when designers went a little too creative to handle. Have a look:


We have seen some really creative and attractive hats, but this is something next level. However, if you want to get noticed, this has got you. Not in a very good way though.


This legitimately looks like a severely bloated horror movies villain. The fierce look and confidence of the model further make the look more bizarre.


There is not much that can be said about it. This one is its own type, nothing like what we have ever seen before and probably never want to see again too!


This is all sorts of weird and creepy. Bet none of you ever considered wearing your suit this way!


If you are feeling too cold and a little extra as well, this is one perfect outfit for you. However, not many people will prefer being seen like this in public.


Not just this makes the viewer quite uncomfortable, the facial expressions of the model himself say that he is not very happy with it as well.


This is not weird, this is just quite inappropriate. It is exactly how it will look like if you run out of female models.
The men look quite unpleasant with this as well.


Well, that is one creative way to wear a fishnet. Even with this crazy top, the designer color coordinated quite well with monochromatic all blue look.

Why would someone even think of this!?














This actually makes us a little curious how she was able to walk with that and heels. That in itself is quite a talent.

What are your thoughts on this? Let us know in the comments section below.


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