REPORT: 10 children are abused in Pakistan daily by people ‘they know well’

The report further stated that 53 percent (1,013) of the victims were girls and (883) 47 percent were boys.

Paper that states the heading "Child Abuse"

Sahil, a Child Protection Organization, recently unveiled horrifying child abuse statistics in Pakistan in a report titled ‘Six Months Cruel Numbers 2021’. More than ten children were subjected to sexual abuse on average daily between January and June 2021.

Details of the Report

Stating that the average number of children subjected to abuse has increased by two children per day in comparison with the 2020 January – June data, the report read:

This year, 81 daily national and regional newspapers were monitored from January – June 2021 to collect data on child sexual abuse, abduction, missing children, and the cases of early forced marriages.

According to details, the data for the report has been collected from all four provinces of Pakistan, including Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT), Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK), and Gilgit Baltistan (GB).

Child abuse categories and their 2020 figures

Horrifying Stats of Child Abuse in Pakistan

A total of 1,896 cases of child abuse have taken place in the first six months of 2021. Of these, 1,084 cases were of sexual abuse against children, 523 cases were of abduction, 238 cases were of missing children, and 51 cases were of child marriages. 

The report further stated that 53 percent (1,013) of the victims were girls and (883) 47 percent were boys. It read:

As many as 640 children from the age bracket 11 – 15 years and 409 children from the age bracket 6 – 10 fell prey to different types of abuse during the last six months. Children from the age group 6 – 15 are most vulnerable to abuse.

According to the report, in 1,045 cases, the abusers were acquaintances, while they were strangers in 430 cases. Moreover, in 49 instances, the harassers were relatives; in 47 cases, the harassers were female abettors; in 38 cases, the harassers were seminary/school teachers; in 37 instances, the harassers were neighbors, and in 32 cases, the harassers were family members.

The report on child abuse stats in Pakistan further revealed that 60 percent of the total cases were reported from Punjab and 6 percent from the ICT. The rest of the sexual abuse cases were reported from other provinces — 26 percent from Sindh, 5 percent from KPK, and 3 percent from Balochistan, and AJK & GB.

According to the report, 58 percent of sexual abuse cases were reported from rural areas, and 42 percent were documented in urban areas.

Logo of Child Protection Organization Sahil

About the Child Protection Organization ‘Sahil’

Sahil has been working for child protection, especially against child sexual abuse (CSA), since 1996. The organization aims to transform Pakistan into a society where every child is safe, secure, and protected from abuse, especially from sexual abuse. 

While child abuse cases in Pakistan are rising at an alarming rate, organizations like Sahil continue to counter the crime. However, the situation doesn’t seem to be looking up for the children of Pakistan.

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