10 evergreen Pakistani celebrities who refuse to age [90’s pictures vs latest]

Incredible, isn't it?

In the entertainment industry, a star’s looks are their selling point. So, be it a good skincare regime or drastic cosmetic surgeries, these celebs go the extra mile to keep their appearances intact. Looking good is part of their job, which is exactly why celebrities take maintaining appearances a little too seriously.

While sooner or later, the reality of age catches up with all ,  is that really true for the evergreen Pakistani celebrities? From the beautiful Zeba Bakhtiar to the chocolate boy Humayun Saeed, there are a lot of faces in the Pakistani entertainment industry who continue to defy time and science – they just refuse to age.

Here are 10 celebrities whose before and after pictures will leave you stunned:

1. Zeba Bakhtiar

The veteran actress is a mother of a 22-year-old and still looks as young as ever. She made her film debut opposite Rishi Kapoor in Bollywood’s 1991 hit movie, HennaEver since then Zeba Bakhtiar has continued to surprise fans with amazing projects and her equally stunning looks.

2. Shaan Shahid

The actor began his career in 1990 with a bang. Over two decades later, the Waar actor Shaan Shahid has managed to retain his glory as one of the most coveted actors in the industry – be it in the category of looks or his acting skills.

3. Atiqa Odho

With a celebrated acting career spanning over 23 years, the actress has presented Pakistanis with one hit after another. Alongside her long line of successes and impeccable performances, Atiqa Odho’s gorgeous looks have also been consistent; it seems as if her beauty won’t ever fade.

4. Humayun Saeed

Regardless of whatever new actor enters the Pakistani entertainment industry, the actor Humayun Saeed’s chocolate boy crown does not seem to be in any danger. The actor only grows to be more handsome with every passing day, which explains why he is the most popular choice for big entertainment dramas and movies.

5. Mahnoor Baloch

It seems like only yesterday that we saw Mahnoor Baloch starring in the 1993 hit TV serial Marvi. Twenty-three years down the lane, the actress continues to give leading Pakistani actresses a run for their money. Indeed, no one can compete with Mahnoor Baloch when it comes to appearances.

6. Adnan Siddiqui

Over the past two decades, Adnan Siddiqui hasn’t shown a single sign of aging. In fact, he has only managed to grow more handsome day by day and managed to pull off leading roles alongside women who are half his age. Certainly, a major achievement.

7. Reema

The leading film actress has definitely taught all the Pakistani celebrities a lesson or two when it comes to maintaining looks and keeping up appearances. Ever since the start of her career, Reema has managed to groom herself to perfection and her determination speaks in her gorgeous beauty.

8. Faisal Qureshi

Faisal Qureshi’s name cannot be associated with signs of aging. The actor started his career in 1992 and he only seems to be aging backward. If he continues to do so, Pakistanis may never run out of hit entertainment projects where he plays a leading role and does justice to it.

9. Samina Peerzada

The veteran actress is certainly a class apart when it comes to good looks. Samina Peerzada has been channeling her inner grace since 1982 and the fact that Pakistanis still can’t get enough of her on-screen says a lot about her everlasting beauty.

10. Aijaz Aslam

We’ve been seeing Aijaz Aslam on our screens for over two decades now, but the actor just doesn’t seem to age. Call it extreme effort or the blessing of God, but this actor continues to look better with time.

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  • These actors and actresses take of their body with proper diet and exercise. Also, Now a days it’s easy to get Botox, facial filler injections, fat injection, skin whiting injections, hair color, hair transplant, etc.
    I can say the same thing about Chaudhary Nisar Ali Khan because he wears a wig.

  • Getting old is not an issue it’s just number, remain elegant and decent makes a difference and samina pirzada and shan is among them.

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