Here are 10 Pakistani celebrity marriages that ended too soon due to shocking reasons!

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Most Pakistani celebrities marry too late but enjoy marital bliss for many years to come after that. However, not all celebrity couples have the same happy fate. Some aren’t lucky enough to make the right marriage decision and end up getting dragged into a failed marriage.

These celebrities often end up with a divorce or separation and a lifetime of trying to keep their personal life private while the media continues to ask questions.

Here are ten celebrity marriages that ended too soon, along with reasons why:

1. Nimra Khan

Nimra Khan is another Pakistani celebrity whose marriage ended too soon. She got married to a police officer based in the UK in April 2020. She posted pictures with her husband and his family members for a few weeks but then stopped posting any updates regarding her marriage. A few months later, she posted pictures in which she was injured, and that is when she moved back to Pakistan. It was apparent that things did not work out, but Nimra Khan never addressed or talked about divorce rumors circulating in the media. Nimra Khan’s husband announced the divorce most unpleasantly in a live chat on Instagram, and that is when this rumor was confirmed. This marriage lasted a little over four months.

2. Humaima Malick and Shamoon Abbasi

Humaima Malick and Shamoon Abbasi got married back in 2010. This showbiz couple could not make their marriage work. After only two years of getting married, they decided to part ways. Both Shamoon and Humaima gave utterly different reasons for the failure of this marriage. According to Shamoon Abbasi, Humaima was not keen to make the marriage work, and her priority was her career. Humaima accused Shamoon Abbasi of putting her through a lot of pain in an Instagram post back in 2018. She stated that she was only 19 and did not dare to speak up back then. Shamoon Abbasi denied such accusations.

3. Asad Siddiqui

Asad Siddiqui married designer Maham Siddiqui, but this marriage ended in 2 years. In an interview four months after the wedding, Asad shared how their personality were poles apart. However, many people think Asad ended this marriage because of Zara Noor Abbas, but that was never true. This couple did not have the kind of chemistry they were expecting to have when they tied the knot.

4. Arij Fatyma

Arij Fatyma is perhaps the only Pakistani celebrity whose marriage only lasted a few days. She got married at the peak of her career to Faraz Ahmed in an intimate ceremony, but only ten days after this union, she was divorced. She took to Facebook to share the reasons for this divorce. Arij said that family differences were the main reasons, but many people believed that there was more to the story. Many people shared details about Faraz Ahmed’s personal life which made it clear why this marriage did not last long. Arij Fatyma moved on and is now happily married.

5. Faryal Mehmood and Daniyal Raheel

Faryal Mehmood and Daniyal Raheel’s marriage lasted only seven months. The celebrity couple got married in 2020, and this marriage came as a surprise to many. They kept their relationship private before the wedding, and their wedding was also a family affair. Then, all of a sudden, they deleted all their pictures together. Some of Faryal Mehmood’s posts also suggested that she was generally disappointed in men.

For the longest time, Faryal kept on denying divorce rumors. Faryal Mehmood also showed her annoyance with people talking about their separation at one point. She explained that both of them were busy therefore unable to spend time together. However, finally, in a talk show, she revealed that she was single. Daniyal never discussed this issue on any platform.

6. Sanam Saeed

Sanam Saeed is another famous Pakistani celebrity whose marriage did not work out. She was married for two years to her best friend. She was ecstatic when she got married, but later on, in an interview, she revealed that she realized that she was not ready for this kind of commitment. She also shared that moving to Dubai made her life dull. She was used to leading a busy life, and in Dubai, all of a sudden, she had nothing to do. She also took full responsibility for ending the relationship because she was not ready to share her life with someone else.

7. Sarmad Khoosat

Sarmad hardly ever talks about his personal life, but in an interview with Samina Peerzada, he talked about when he decided to tie the knot at 27 years old. This was a nikkah which Sarmad entered into thinking that this was meant to last. However, only a few months later, he realized that he couldn’t continue this relationship. He verbally told his wife that they could not be together but later on gave her the right to divorce him. Sarmad Khoosat does not regret this decision at all. He feels that he learned more about himself and what he wanted from life through this experience.

8. Sanam Baloch and Abdullah Farhatullah

Sanam Baloch and Abdullah Farhatullah couple was an instant hit with their fans because they looked like they were meant to be together. People looked forward to their interviews and pictures. Although Sanam and Abdullah came across as intelligent people who wanted to make this marriage work, it was not meant to be! Their marriage lasted for four years, and even after their divorce, they always had good things to say about each other. Sanam Baloch is happily married now; she also has a beautiful daughter.

9. Satayish Khan

Satayish Khan was a Pakistani model and actress who left showbiz to spread the word of Islam. She married Annie Khalid’s ex-husband Malik Noureed because she did not believe everything Annie had accused her husband of. This marriage also lasted a few months only, just like Malik Noureed’s marriage with Annie. Satayish claimed that this was not his second but his 15th marriage. This was another marriage that failed mainly due to the abusive behavior of the male partner.

10. Annie Khalid

Annie Khalid’s first marriage ended with a bitter divorce. This marriage lasted only a little over a year. She got married to a businessman Malik Noureed who was based in Dubai. When this marriage ended, Annie accused her husband of hitting her multiple times and said that he was mentally unfit. Malik Noureed, in a press conference, stated that Annie stole his money and aborted his child. According to him, that was the reason for the divorce. Later on, Satayish Khan also married him, and she revealed the same facts about him as Annie, which proved that Annie was right all along.

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