10 Parenting Techniques That DESI Parents Really Need To Adopt

Parenting in itself is an extensive subject that needs thankless efforts and draining input. No disregard to all the amazing parents putting their energy in grooming their child, but at times Desi households tend to get quite suffocating for children which affect their personality and overall cognitive development in the long run.
Here are 10 rules and minor actions that can have a lasting impact on your child’s personality:

1) Independence Is Number One:

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Parents in Pakistani society are usually so overprotective that it in turns makes the child incapable of taking their own decisions. Of course, they need to be watched and taught certain things but giving them independence in minor things will make them confident in themselves by the time they are ready to step in the practical world.

2) Make Them Used To Trying And Making An Effort:

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This is quite related to the previous point. If a child is making small efforts himself, he will be mentally prepared for failure and trying again. Sometimes parents need to take a step back and let kids do their work. Remember if they fail, ask them to try again rather than doing it for them. This will reward them the biggest gift i.e self-sufficiency.

3) Trust Them:

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When you trust your child to perform small activities by themselves, they will know the worth of it and put in more effort because they don’t want to disappoint you. Even if they mess up, give them more confidence that its all part of the game and you are confident they will do better next time.

4) It’s Beyond Your Outer Self:

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This is the most important lesson. Today’s world is so concerned and judgemental on how you look that you really need to teach your kid to love himself and others beyond it. Don’t stop your kid from experiencing amazing things just because they can get untidy. Let them be creative!

5) Don’t Scold Them For Making A Mess:

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Kids are kids, they will make a mess. Parents need to understand this. When your kid is excited to show you the fort they built from building blocks, appreciate the fort rather than scolding for how much mess they made. This will only suppress their creativity.

6) Support Their Energy:

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Don’t freak out if your kid loves to run in the park. This indicates his energy level is unusual and appreciable. Allow your kid to let it out every once in a while because if not, it will make them more aggressive.

7) Sometimes Negative Reinforcement Is Important Too!

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Parents need to also recognize which acts need to be forgiven, which needs scolding and which require harsh punishments. Punishments sometimes are important as if getting occasionally, will help recognize the kid whats right and whats wrong. Especially, disrespect shouldn’t go unnoticed.

8) Let Them Do Their Own Work In Home:

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Its good to be caring and have their back, but let them know how to take care of themselves. Ask them to clean their own room, maintain their own wardrobe and take care of their school essentials. These habits need to be formed at an early age and stay throughout life.

9) Don’t Enforce, Make Them Understand:

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Rather than enforcing yourself, teach them basic things like the importance of sharing, taking care of each other etc. That way they will realize their worth themselves and you will not need to force them against their will.

10) Appreciate Their Minor Efforts:

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Appreciate their minor efforts and make them feel important. When they will feel that everything they are doing is noticed, they will be more vigilant and put on more effort. It will stick to them as a lifelong habit.

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