10 Pictures of Shahid Afridi With His Adorable Daughters

The former Pakistan cricket team’s captain Shahid Khan Afridi needs no introduction. He unarguably one of the biggest super stars of cricket.

You have read, watched and heard enough about Afridi’s cricket career, here we gonna look at the beautiful family of the star cricketer. Shahid Afridi has been blessed with five daughters. The names of the daughters of the former captain are: Ansha, Ajwa Afridi, Aqsa, Asmara and youngest Arwa.

Recently during an interview, Shahid Afridi was questioned about why the names of his daughters start with an “A”. The former captain while replying the host said that there was no specific reason, it was just a coincidence.

Talking about how his daughters were named, he said that his first born was named Aqsa by his late father. Shahid Afridi named his second daughter Ansha because he liked the name.

He added that after that he decided with his wife that all their children will be given names starting with an “A”.

Meet The Daughters of Shahid Afridi:

Recently, the engagement of Shahid Afridi’s eldest daughter – Aqsa Afridi – was confirmed with Shaheen Shah Afridi.

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