Adopt these 10 small changes and lose up to 10kg a month without a crash diet

Here's your little cheat sheet.

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Losing weight is tough; it drains you out physically, mentally, and emotionally. Changing your routine, refraining from things, picking what to eat, how to exercise, and several other factors can overwhelm people very easily.

The confusion of how to successfully lose weight gives birth to this feeling of failure. In this case, it’s good to remember that losing weight doesn’t happen magically. You have to take one day at a time – start small and make gradual changes as you make your way up.

Here are 10 SMALL changes that can help you lose a MASSIVE amount of weight:

1. Eat Smaller Portions

Three different food portion sizes - small, medium, and large

Eliminating carbs and fatty foods from your diet instantly is impossible. However, limiting your intake of them is possible. Eating smaller portions has helped many people trick their bodies into controlling cravings and impulsive eating that leads to rapid weight gain.

2. Find Exercise that You Love

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If your heart’s not in it, there’s a very minimal chance you end up bringing about change. Instead of doing what people expect you to, find an exercise that you love doing. This way, you’ll be more regular and open to your new active routine of losing weight.

3. Ask the Family to Help

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You cannot lose weight alone; you need the help of your loved ones. Ask your family to keep reminding you of your end goal and motivate you to do so with a reward-punishment structure.

4. Change your Perspective about Food

Heading: food is fuel, not therapy

It’s all about thinking – need vs. want. Stop looking at food as something you celebrate with. You can celebrate by treating yourself to a spa or shopping day; it doesn’t have to be food always.

5. Find Your Why

Heading: what is your why?

Do you want to look good for your wedding, be in shape for your next vacation, be active to keep up with loved ones, etc.? Find why you want to lose weight and let that reason guide you to your end goal. This will help you set targets and find the motivation to lose weight from within.

6. Skip the Extras

Woman sliding a food plate away from her

Extra fries, extra drink, extra dip – skip it all. Only eat and drink what you really need. You don’t know how many calories that one additional decision is carrying into your body.

7. Surround Yourself with Supporters

Silhouette of a group of people climbing a mountain

Let go of people who aren’t ready to support you in your weight loss journey. You need to surround yourself with people who pick you up when you fall, not the people who don’t miss a chance of criticizing the little you have achieved.

8. Follow A Simple Mantra

Dice like boxes saying the letter: M A N T R A

Find a simple weight loss mantra for yourself and memorize it. Whenever you feel failure overpower you, let that mantra be your guiding light.

9. Set Goals that Feel Right for You

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Stop following another person’s weight loss journey. Your body is unique, and you need to deal with it in its own way. Understand yourself and set your own pace and timeline; it doesn’t have to be perfect for the world but perfect for you.

10. Focus on the Yes

Boxing gloves with yes and no written on them

Don’t focus on what you’re saying NO to; focus on what you’re saying YES to. The stress of refusing to eat your favorite cheesy, greasy meal will eat you up. Instead, concentrate on all the healthy habits you’re saying yes to and remind yourself of the benefits they bring.

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