10 Times Desi People Shocked English With Their Bizarre Facebook Captions

Desi people are known for their overwhelming enthusiasm and energy. Have you ever seen a desi doing something without putting their passion in it? HELL NO!
From binge eating to acing the dance floor, we know how to own everything. So, of course how could we be any less at captioning our Facebook pictures?
Here are the 10 times when desi people shocked English with their captions:

1) They said you could be anything, so I became a…

2) There isn’t much difference between suicide and ‘so sad’, at least when you say it?

3) It’s okay to replace ‘U’ with ‘A’, because both are vowels!

4) We know how to use pronouns more than grammar nazis!

5) We got no chill!!

6) We don’t understand the meaning of privacy, at all!

7) We love to keep our ‘total’ friends updated

8) We are clearly very possessive about our ‘personal’ possessions

9) Not just relationship status, we like to keep the world updated of our friendship status as well..

10) And..yes what we said above

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