10 Worst Decisions & Mistakes of Imran Khan as Prime Minister

On 25th July 2018, Pakistanis elected Imran Khan as their 22nd Prime Minister. Exactly one year after, Prime Minister Imran Khan returned from an extremely successful & historic visit from the United States of America where he was declared ‘incorruptible’ & ‘the person Pakistan was waiting for’ by the US Congress. Be it Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Iran, Turkey, Malaysia, China and now USA, Imran Khan has represented Pakistan everywhere with honor and dignity and is emerging as an extremely popular and well-respected leader in the eyes of the world.
With massive popularity because of successful tours, all political opponents either behind the bars or on bails and unprecedented support from the Establishment, Imran Khan is surely at his best after a year of the 2018 General Elections.
But the last year has not been an all-good smooth ride for Kaptaan, not because of anyone else, but because of his massive blunders and wrong decisions as Prime Minister which affected his popularity and vote bank. Have a look at the ‘10 Worst Decisions & Mistakes of Imran Khan as a Prime Minister’ in the last year:

1. Appointment of Usman Buzdar as CM Punjab

PM Imran Khan with CM Punjab Usman Buzdar in Lahore

Imran Khan has committed some terrible mistakes in his entire life, like marrying Reham Khan or Trusting Javed Hashmi. But the appointment of Usman Buzdar will always top the list of Imran Khan’s worst decisions in his entire life.
Nothing can damage his entire political struggle as much as this man. By appointing Buzdar, who joined PTI in early months of 2018, as the CM of mighty Punjab, Imran Khan suggested that since 1996 till early 2018, not a single member of PTI was competent enough for the most important post after PM.

Sardar Usman Khan Buzdar
All the “properties” which Imran Khan liked in Usman Buzdar, could have been easily found in any other young, energetic, vocal, confident and above all ideological PTI member. Usman Buzdar has completely failed to leave a mark in any domain, be it governance, reforms, politics or media handling.
Let’s be fair to Mr. Buzdar, NONE OF IT is his fault, he never claimed to be a revolutionary man. He was just like many other unknown-MPA-level politicians who joined PTI to get a ticket and be an MPA and STILL he was made CM Punjab AND who now, is nothing more than a puppet of Chaudhary Brothers & PML-Q.
CM Punjab Usman Buzdar is the BIGGEST blunder of Imran Khan which he will regret more than anything. Each new day of Buzdar as CM is damaging PTI in Punjab and disappointing the voters. On the other hand, his presence is strengthening Chaudhary Brothers and their political importance. But it’s never too late, Imran Khan must replace him before he ruins the remaining goodwill of PTI’s vote bank in Punjab.

2. Not Appointing Parvez Khattak as CM KPK

Parvez Khattak meeting PM Imran Khan in PM Office

This was and still is the most mind-boggling decision of Imran Khan as a Prime Minister. Parvez Khattak got a war-torn & devastated KPK with not even a simple majority in the assembly in 2013, yet the man delivered.

He managed the allies, revamped the KP Police, implemented the reforms & made KPK a stronghold for PTI; which was obvious from the 2018 election results, when for the first time in the history, KPK gave power to any party for the second time consecutively, that too with a whopping 2/3rd majority.

Pakistan Day Parade – 23rd March 2019

It’s a basic principle of management that if one of your team leaders is performing well, you let him earn more for you and you don’t remove him unless it is to reward him. But not only Imran Khan removed Parvez Khattak from the post of CM but also “rewarded” him with the MOST UNIMPORTANT Ministry of Defense in the Federal Government, breaking the bureaucratic stability & continuity in KPK as well as Parvez Khattak’s heart.

3. Appointment of Mehmood Khan as CM KPK

CM KPK Mehmood Khan at a Jalsa with PM Imran Khan before Elections 2018
Even after rejecting Parvez Khattak as a CM, there were still plenty of better options in KPK. There was no problem of the coalition since PTI had 2/3rd Majority and Imran Khan could have promoted any of those ministers or MPAs who performed remarkably well in the former government like Atif Khan, Shehram Tarakai, Zia Ullah Bangash but Imran Khan went for an unknown Mehmood Khan with a very average performance.
Not only that, Imran Khan could have picked Taimur Jhagra or Kamran Bangash or any other youngster as a face of Tabdeeli but Imran Khan gave KPK its very own Qaim Ali Shah

Mehmood Khan, like Buzdar, has so far failed to leave an impression and maintain the level of performance of Parvez Khattak. The Incomplete BRT & only 5/16 seats for PTI in FATA Provincial Assembly Elections are enough to prove why Appointment of Mehmood Khan was a mistake of Prime Minister.

4. Destroying Relations with the Media

Then-Information Minister Fawad Chaudhary’s Announcement of Cutting down Ad Rates for Channels
PTI Government, as soon as it came to power, needed the support of mainstream media. No matter how ugly it is, but the truth is, that mainstream media makes the public’s perception. Social Media is effective, but still, a common man in a rural area relies on the 9 pm bulletin of mainstream news channels to make up his mind.
PTI Government or specifically, then-Information Minister Fawad Chaudhary unnecessarily picked a fight with media, by cutting down the government advertisement rates for the private channels. Though it was logical & the rates of the government ads were horribly high, but this move was rightly received by the media as oppression by the government as they were asked to change their business model within a week, which obviously was not possible.

The ad rate list which offended Media
As a result, mainstream media did what, they are best at: “manipulate perceptions”. Media brought a storm of negativity across the country as if things were never as bad as they were and Imran Khan’s 3 months old government was held responsible for every problem of Pakistan. This wave of negativity did not only hurt Imran Khan’s own vote bank but also scared the investors and thus dented Pakistan’s economy.
After realizing the blunder, the rates of government ads were restored to almost the same old figures, but the damage was done. This is undoubtedly was mainly Fawad Chaudhary’s blunder but after all, he was Imran Khan’s cabinet minister and the responsibility surely lies on Kaptaan equally.

5. Appointment of Firdous Ashiq Awan as SAPM for Information & Broadcasting

Removal of Fawad Chaudhary after the unwanted fight with media and his excessive rowdiness towards opposition and media persons, was an evident step, but what made Imran Khan believe that Firdous Ashiq Awan can be the ‘Face of PTI’?
See it this way: This same woman was the Information Minister of PPP’s government. She used to defend ‘Asif Ali Zardari’. It’s unfortunate that PM Imran Khan didn’t even consider for a moment that how on earth his supporters will accept Firdous Appa as their representative?

A Picture from the day when Firdsous Ashiq Awan Joined PTI

An Information Minster is the face of a government & he/she is expected to defend the ruling party at all fronts. With this Job Description, it’s quite logical that an Information Minister should have the same ideologies and principles as the Prime Minister.
Hence it would have been much better if Imran Khan had opted for an ideological PTI member like Senator Faisal Javed Khan, Waleed Iqbal or Shandana Gulzar for this post. These people could have been effectively pitched as “The Face of Imran Khan’s Tabdeeli”, but shockingly Prime Minister went for Firdous Ashiq Awan, the ultimate face of Status Quo.

6. Appointment/Removal of Asad Umar as Finance Minister

Former Finance Minister Asad Umar
This was the most unexplained & critical mistake of PM Imran Khan. Since the disqualification of Jehangir Tareen, Imran Khan pitched Asad Umar as the only solution for Pakistan’s Economy. He was the only confirmed cabinet minister even before the elections took place and yet he was the first one to be removed from his post.
The economy is a professional subject and I don’t consider myself qualified enough to comment on it. But one thing is for sure, either the Appointment of Asad Umar as Finance Minister was a wrong decision OR his removal was a wrong step. Both of them can NOT be right at the same time.
PM Imran Khan continued to support & defend him unconditionally for 9 months and all of a sudden withdrew his support and removed him. His decision was so abrupt that senior cabinet ministers like Shafqat Mehmood & Shireen Mazari admitted that they came to know about it via media.
This sudden removal was undoubtedly a disrespect to an ideological & well-reputed Asad Umar, who rightly expressed his disappointment by not taking any other ministry in the cabinet.
I genuinely hope that the current economic team of Imran Khan is doing a better job but then we would have to admit that Asad Umar’s appointment was a mistake and also, there could have been a decent way of removing him, who is surely the most respected leader of PTI after Imran Khan.

7. Absence from National Assembly

Imran Khan’s speech right after the PM elections during protests by Opposition
Imran Khan promised to act as the ‘Leader of the House’. Not only this, he committed to introducing a Question-hour in the National Assembly in which he will answer to the questions of MNAs. But unfortunately, he found a reason to not to attend an assembly at all.
Prime Minister Imran Khan says that since he is not giving them NRO, the opposition parties never let him speak in National Assembly and therefore he avoids coming to the house. Though his claims are valid, but CAN NOT be accepted as an excuse from a Prime Minister for not coming to the Parliament.

Imran Khan smiling at Opposition’s protests in NA
Imran Khan is the leader of the house and the presence of a leader brings credibility & importance to the assembly. He should come to the house, attend as many sessions & sittings as he can, deliver speeches & let the public see how unfair & impatient the opposition is.
Imran Khan used to say that Nawaz Sharif is discrediting parliament by not attending it, sadly, Imran Khan is now doing the same as PM himself.

8. Claiming the Credit of Accountability

PM Imran Khan does deserve the credit for not influencing NAB and letting it follow the route of law, but that’s it. The way Imran Khan & PTI leaders defend NAB and claim that somehow it’s PTI who is behind this accountability gives a massive room to the looters & plunderers to fool their supporters by claiming that they are being politically victimized.
Imran Khan should NOT break any NRO-like deal with the Opposition. He should not remove their names off ECL & should continue to expose the wastage of money by the former Governments & must claim the credit of this all.
But the process of NAB should be de-politicized, Neither Prime Minister nor any of the PTI member should claim that they are doing the on-going accountability, because they ARE NOT.

9. Delaying Strict Reforms in Punjab Police

4 IGs since August 2018 with the duration of their tenures
Punjab Police was surely the WORST institution in the country when PTI came into power. Thanks to the 10 years of Shehbaz Sharif’s CM-Ship, who kept this force as his goons and guards, Punjab Police was a rusted, rotten and an incompetent force which was plagued with ugliest corruption and mafia-ism from top to bottom.
It was expected from Imran Khan to take ruthless actions against Punjab Police and do a massive cleansing operation as he did in KPK Police in 2013. But the only thing Imran Khan did was changing the IG Punjab for 4 times(see picture above) and yet the results were zero.
Prime Minister Imran Khan, CM Buzdar & his entire Punjab Cabinet need to understand that Punjab Police is a force filled with incompetent goons and the only solution is to strong-arm the force and revamp it from the core. But unfortunately, there are no signs of any such crackdown and hence no relief for the people of Punjab any time soon.

10. Not Addressing the Nation More Often

PM Imran Khan’s address to the nation after his visit to Saudi Arabia
The forte of Imran Khan has been his enthusiastic and passionate speeches. He is the Prime Minister today because of the same fact that he was able to connect with a common man through his bluntness. But after becoming the Prime Minister, Imran Khan chose not to connect with the nation much, which definitely was a poor decision.

A visual from Imran Khan’s 1st Address to the Nation as PM
Be it tax reforms, budget, international relations or the loan repayments, a common man would have understood all these matters only if his Prime Minister explained it to him. Especially the matter of much-required tax reforms is a perfect example; If PM had addressed the nation and explained its importance to a common man, then the traders would not have been in the position to paint themselves as oppressed to blackmail the government.
Pakistanis resonate with Imran Khan’s voice, it was visible whenever he chose to address them in the last year, be it crackdown against TLP, Indo-Pak tensions or Amnesty Scheme, the nation responded at the call of their Prime Minister every time.
PM Imran Khan should have explained, via facts and figures, how he repaid massive installments of the loan, what happened in various foreign tours, how he plans to increase the tax base, the misinformation campaigns, and other matters. The nation has huge expectations from him, taking a common man into confidence after every important step will make him have ownership of the government and the country.

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