100-year-old Pakistani man urges others to administer vaccination after his delightful experience

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Old man shares delightful Coronavirus vaccination experience.

A 100-year-old Pakistani man received his first dose of the coronavirus vaccine earlier this month. Now the old man is urging others to receive the vaccination, as there is no ‘rational’ reason to doubt vaccines.

Who is this Man?

Israel Ahmed Menai is a 100-year-old Pakistani man. According to reports, this man is the oldest person in Pakistan to get vaccinated so far. Menai received his first shot on the 12th of March and will be injected with the second dose on the 5th of April.

100-year-old Pakistani man advises others to receive vaccination.

How was his Experience?

Sources state that Israel Ahmed Menai is delighted with his vaccination experience. The man lauded the government’s vaccination drive and shared:

I got the first installment of the vaccine, and it did not cause a reaction. It was like a regular injection. I will advise all my friends and well-wishers to get this medicine without hesitation.

Menai further shared:

Life is a blessing. I see no rational basis for people to be doubtful about the coronavirus vaccines. For every ailment, there is a cure that health experts administer.

100-year-old man is very satisfied with his vaccination experience.

Brief Recap of Menai’s Life

Israel Ahmed Menai originally belongs to Rampur, Uttar Pradesh, in present-day India but resides in Pakistan. Menai celebrated his 100th birthday last year during the pandemic. He did not let the pandemic stand between him and his happiness and said that pandemics come and go; people need to follow SOPs and remain cautious.

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