Like Never Before – 100,000 Complaints Resolved Through Citizen Portal App

The PTI-led incumbent government has shown strong commitment towards strengthening communication among the government representatives and the general public. It is the most efficient way of addressing the grievances and to actualize the concept, the government inaugurated unconventional Pakistan Citizen Portal App – an initiative one of a kind!

The app was initiated with the purpose to timely address the complaints and give citizens a chance to get back with their feedback.

Though the application received a number of reviews with first few days, PM Imran Khan has revealed that more than 10,000 complaints have been effectively resolved by the portal so far – making it a unique achievement in itself.

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Imran Khan made this statement in his recent tweet, saying that resolving such a significant number of complaints within the first 60 days of its launch is a feat in itself. He also declared it ‘’the highest & fastest grievance redressal in our history’’. Here is what Imran Khan said:

‘’Today, we crossed 100,000 mark of resolved complaints by Pakistan Citizen Portal App. This marks the highest & fastest grievance redressel in our history: that too within a short span of 60 days only. I urge my fellow citizens to use @PakistanPMDU for effective complaints’ response’’ – read the Tweet.

While the majority of the internet community lauded the initiative, few also complained that the portal changes the status of complaint to ‘resolved’ without actually resolving it.

Here is what the people had to say:

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