The 11th Generation Honda Civic: Here’s the official delivery time

The delivery times of the two Honda City variants are as follows!

According to a statement by officials of the Honda Atlas Cars (Pakistan) Limited,  the delivery for the two higher-end variants of the 11th-generation Civic will be made in February 2023. The auto company launched the new model of the vehicle earlier this month. Now people have to wait an extremely long 11 months to obtain the Civic Oriel 1.5L. On the other hand, the standard Civic variant is slated for August delivery.

Prices of the vehicles

  • The Civic Oriel 1.5L is currently priced at Rs. 5,399,000.
  • The Civic RS 1.5L is currently priced at Rs. 6,149,000.

Speaking to a media outlet, a Civic dealership said:

The few units (of the 11th Generation Civic) delivered are the ones that were booked much before. We are telling our customers that the delivery time for the two high-end variants is February next year, but we are also informing them that there could be a price revision by then. We are taking bookings for approximately 20% down-payment.

The latest development about possible price increase comes as a surprise since the company, listed on the stock exchange, had unveiled its next-generation Civic earlier this month. Explaining the ordeal, the dealers said:

The massive delay in delivery will not only upset sales in a market getting more and more competitive due to the launch of several other vehicles in the same price segment but also put off customers who could very well see a “substantial price-increase” by then.

Referring to the rupee’s historic weakness against the US dollar, the dealer said:

Look at where the rupee is going. The local currency hit its lowest value of 179.22 after a day-on-day depreciation of 24 paisas on Tuesday.

Delivery timelines for other Honda models

The delivery times of the two Honda City variants are as follows:

  • The Honda City 1.5 PT and the Honda City Aspire MT will be delivered in June 2022.
  • The Honda City Aspire PT and the Honda City MT are slated to be delivered in August 2022.
  • The Honda City PT’s delivery is scheduled for July 2022.

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