13 gorgeous beaches in Pakistan that should be on your must-visit list [PICTURES]

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Thirteen of the most beautiful beaches in Pakistan.

Pakistan is one of the world’s most beautiful countries. The residents of the country enjoy all four seasons, the richest fruits, and so much more. Along with being culturally rich and diverse, Pakistan has been blessed with gorgeous natural bounties that include luscious valleys, beautiful villages, and breathtaking beaches in Pakistan.

Today, we bring you a list of 13 beautiful beaches in Pakistan you never knew existed in Pakistan:

1. Nathia Gali Beach – Karachi

Nathia Gali Beach is situated 40 km southwest of Karachi. It is accessible through Mauripur Road (formerly known as Hawke’s Bay Road). It is a naval base, the last point on the coastline of Karachi. Access to this beach is restricted.

2. Cape Mountain – Karachi

Cape Monze Beach is additionally called Cape Mount Beach. It is situated at sea, close to the Hub stream and also the Gadani Beach. it’s usually eighty metric linear units from the metropolis on the sea coast.

3. Charna Island – Karachi

With crystal clear water and coral beaches, Charna Island is one of the best places for Snorkeling and Scuba Diving in Pakistan. The island is located 60 km away from Karachi.

4. Tushan Beach – Karachi

Tushan Beach is a good spot if you are looking for some alone time. The beach ends into huge rocks at the foot of the hills, giving privacy to its visitors.

5. Pasni Beach – Balochistan

Pasni is a small town and a fishing harbor in Gwadar District, Balochistan. Pasni beach is a destined Fish spot. sized medium.

6. Paradise Point – Karachi

Paradise Point, on the Arabian Sea, is a beach in Karachi. It is a sandstone rock point with a natural arch. The beach has attractions for families and visitors, including beachside horse and camel rides, amusement places, restaurants, and diving.

7. Astola Beach – Balochistan

Astola Island, also known as ‘Island of the Seven Hills’, is a small uninhabited island in the Balochistan side Arabian Sea. It is approximately 25 km south of the coast’s nearest part.

8. Kund Malir Beach – Balochistan

The fascinating Kund Malir Beach is situated in the province of Balochistan, near Hingol National Park, the largest national park in Pakistan. The beach itself is immaculate, with a clear blue ocean and tall, rugged mountains around it.

9. Jiwani Beach – Balochistan

Jiwani Beach is located at the eastern end of Gwadar Bay near the Pakistani border with Iran. The bay area includes a significant mangrove forest and is home to various wildlife, especially the endangered Olive Ridley and Green Turtles.

10. Gaddani Beach – Balochistan

Gadani Beach is located about 50 Kilometres northwest of Karachi, consisting of rugged and sharp rocky mountains from Balochistan, lush green water, and a spectacular view. The place is famous for its Ship Breaking Yard and is a beautiful picnic spot as well.

11. Gwadar Harbor Beach – Balochistan

Gadani Beach is located nearly 50 Kilometres northwest of Karachi, consisting of rugged and refined rocky peaks from Balochistan, lush green water, and a magnificent view. The beach is famous for its Ship Breaking Yard and is a beautiful picnic spot as well.

12. Lasbela Beach – Balochistan

Lasbela is a beachfront district of Balochistan, boosting a beautiful beach with shallow coast and crystal clear waters.

13. Ormara Beach – Balochistan

The suburbs of Ormara beach is a breathtaking landscape of water and hills from the continuing roadway. Ormara is a port town in Gwadar District of Balochistan.

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