You have 14 more days to register your dual sim phones

The final deadline has been extended till 15th September.


Islamabad: Pakistan telecom regulatory authority has extended the registration date to register your dual sim IMEI until September 15th.

The body had asked all of the dual sim owners to register the secondary IMEI number by August 31st about two weeks back.

Most of the dual sim set owners do not use the secondary sim slot, therefore they don’t consider registering the IMEI number for it. On August 15th, The PTA has advised such owners, that they all must register the second IMEI as well to avoid action against them.

The IMEI number is only used to identify valid devices and stoppage the use of stolen phones accessing the country’s telecommunication network.

How to register:

The PTA has directed all the subscribers to get all IMEIs (dual SIM) of their cellphones and get them registered under the new mechanism called DIRBS (Device Identification Registration and Blocking System).

the purpose of DIRBS is to counter unlawful activities and usage, to counter smuggling and use of knock off mobile handsets in Pakistan.

Failing to register your IMEI number could result in a lawsuit against the device owner and the device could face disruption. 

You can check the status of your mobile device by dialing *#06# and SMS each 15 digits IMEI to 8484.

7 Years Imprisonment For Fake Mobile Device Registration:

The various Offences and Punishments that do apply as per PECA rules under the Criminal Act that relates to the registration of mobile phones under stolen Identity of international travelers or changing/Duplicating IMEI are:

  • Unauthorized copying or transmission of critical infrastructure data. Whoever with dishonest intention and without authorization copies or otherwise transmit or cause to be transmitted any critical infrastructure data shall be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to five years, or with fine which may extend to five million rupees or with both.
  • Interference with critical infrastructure information system or data.-Whoever with  dishonest  intention  interferes  with  or  damages,  or  causes to be interfered with or damaged, any part or whole of a critical information system, or data, shall be punished with imprisonment which may extend to seven years or with fine which may extend to ten million rupees or with both.

(Source: GoP)

The complete details of the PECA Rules can be downloaded from the following

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