14-year-old girl from Rawalpindi, who was repeatedly raped by neighbors, gives birth to a baby girl

The Child Protection and Welfare Bureau Rawalpindi has taken the victim and the infant into protective custody.

The girl, who was repeatedly subjected to rape by four of her neighbours in Ratta Amral, Rawalpindi, gave birth to a baby girl a few days ago. The victim was raped multiple times over the course of months. She maintained her silence because the rapists threatened to kill her father if she told anyone.

Suffering in silence, the minor victim opened up about her ordeal after her health started to deteriorate. When her father took her to the lady doctor, he found out about her pregnancy and took her to the police station to get her statement recorded.

The Child Protection and Welfare Bureau Rawalpindi has taken the victim and the infant into protective custody, demanding a speedy and fair inquiry from the police.

The Case:

The police have arrested the culprits behind the rape and pregnancy of a 14-year-old teenager in Rawalpindi. The bone-chilling incident occurred within the premises of Ratta Amral police station.

The victim, whose mother had passed away and step-mother left after a fight with her father, was alone at her place. Her father left the house for work after preparing breakfast for her. Knowing that she is alone in her home for most of the day, a man from her neighbourhood came to see her and said that she can ask him if she needs anything.

After making her comfortable, he entered the house one day and raped her. He threatened that if she dares to speak out against him, he will murder her father. 

Scared and terrified, the girl maintained her silence for the safety of her father. The culprit started to visit the house daily and subjected her to rape multiple times. After one week, he brought another friend to join him in the heinous act.

Seeing them visit the house regularly, an elderly man from the neighbourhood decided to follow and investigate the matter. When he reached the house, he saw the victim in a helpless and vulnerable state as the culprits had fled after raping her. Rather than reporting the matter, the elderly man also raped her and later another man joined him in the act.

The 14-year-old victim was subjected to rape and brutal assault multiple times for months. Afraid to speak out herself, her father only came to know about the matter when her health started to deteriorate. He took her to the doctor, who informed that she is six-months pregnant.

Still worried about his safety, the victim reluctantly shared the ordeal with her father. He took her to the police station, where a formal complaint was filed and the culprits were arrested. Two of the culprits are married and have children themselves, while two are college students.

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  • Kesi jahalat hai inke aage inki maa bhene nhi hai kiaa 14 sal ki bchi yar 4 4 logo ne ziati ki shrm nhi ???

    • We want justice for our sister….we demand that the police in this case give their best… These culprits have destroyed her life already

  • God bless our elected Jewishboy who is doing nothing , if there were open punishments it would have not happened. they jail tomorrow they will be free and then some another girl will be victim while our JewishBoy will be keep barking on TV madina-e-Riyasat banye hai may ney barwey Kajnar Khana hai na kay paksitan

    • How can you call anyone Jewish?
      Why don’t you protest in road?
      What you did in this matter?
      Your streets are full in goons PM can’t teach you , you never missed Bollywood upcoming movie and what language you are using about a Muslim?

    • Keeya dumb comment tumhari motorcycle kaa tire puncture huwa toe woe bhee imran khan koe blame kurroe. Think

  • Sarey aam phancy Deen or koi Hal nahi , ager aisa na kia gaya to phir koi Ghar mehfooz nahi aisey darendoon se

  • My opinion is same that islam says, if we will hesitate from islamic punishments, then non of our sister & daughter will be safe .

  • ان حرامزادوں کو سرے عام ننگا کر کہ کمیٹی چوک پہ اُلٹا لٹکا کے ان کی ویڈیو بنا کے پھر گولی مار دینی چاہیے

  • All culprits shoud be hanged in front of that innocent girl so that anyone never do such stupidty again.

  • Poor girl never tried talk to her father because she loves her father she don’t want that her father killed because of her .?

  • Lanat hmari supreme Court and police py?????jinho my abhi tk aisa koi law nhi bnaya and police waly Jo paisey kha ky aisy logo ki support krty hein????

  • Phansi ka koi faeda nhe, ye mr.jaenge to or bheriye ajaenge. Ese logo koa nfs kat k in ko hijro ki foj me shamil krdia jae or inke hath b kat die jaen take yetrap trap kr zinda rhen. Mrna to bht asan h.in ko dunya me b saza milni chahye

  • Govt kia kar rahi bc publicly phasi to nhi sakti khassi govt penchood lakh lannat leaderon py leaderon ki naslo py

  • Those people are not human must have to hang out all of them so that would never happen again

  • PUNJAB needs development of their mindset rather development of infrastructure, every kind of rape cases occurs only in Punjab, your morality has gone into ashes and you just became zombies.

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