15 Delicious Foods From Karachi That Will Make You Book Your Ticket To The Metropolis Now!

This is too good!

Karachi’s famous Burns Road Street food remains open even during lockdown timings in January 2021. (OMAIR KAMRAN)

Karachi undoubtedly has the best cuisine in the country (sorry, Lahore and Peshawar).

The huge metropolis is a mix of diverging cultures. The diversity and competition in the metropolis have made the city’s inhabitants come up with the most scrumptious food any Pakistani has ever witnessed.

Here are just fifteen of the many!

Fry Kabab From Waheed Kabab House, Burns Road

(Talat Aslam)

Waheed’s hot sizzling kabab, elegantly fried in ghee, is the most pleasing thing you could have eaten in months!

Chicken Biryani from Naseeb Biryani, Mehmoodabad

Naseeb Biryani Mehmodabad - DeftOnline

Who wants an authentic version of spicy, mouth-watering Karachi biryani, whose every bite of fluffy, savory rice makes you drool even at its thought? Yes, please!

Nalli (Bone Marrow) Biryani from Ghousia Nalli Biryani, Liaquatabad

Ghousia Nalli Biryani Menu, Deals, Price Per Head, Reviews, Contact, Location

Who doesn’t want a tasty beef biryani overwhelmed with flavorsome, gooey bone marrow (nalli)!

Chargha from Ghousia Fast Food, Hussainabad

Best and Spicy Chargha Street Food Of Karachi Pakistan by Cooking with kawish

The orange-colored juicy, savory, and fulfilling chargha from here is irresistible!

Hunter Beef Burger from Hanifia (several unrelated branches)

Hanifia - Pioneers In Hunter Beef | Hunter Beef, Burgers, Broast, Rolls, & Bar B.Q

Oh my! Delicious, meaty hunter beef burgers, overwhelmed with the special Hanfia sauce!

Nihari from Javed Nihari, Dastagir

Javed Nihari Recipe in Urdu | KFoods.com

The authentic Karachi Nihari!

Bun Kebab from Azad Bun Kabab House, Burns Road

Burns Road kay Bun Kabab Recipe | Appetizer and Snack Recipes in English

“Bun Kebab” is the most common street food in Karachi. And bun kebab from Burns Road is the best in the city!

Bihari Chicken Tikka at Meerath Kabab House

10 must-have food items in Karachi, according to a die-hard Karachiite - Food - Images

Someone was telling the truth when they claimed that Karachiites make the best BBQ!

Gola Ganda at Dhoraji

(Rozmeen Jiwani)

Eating the colorful, refreshing, and delicious gola gandas from here will surely make your day!

Haleem from Karachi Haleem (multiple branches)

Karachi Haleem - Gulberg Town Karachi | foodies.pk

Indeed, this is the perfect food!

Khausa from Memon Bite, Dhoraji

(Nazish Malang)

Khausa is a unique dish with Burmese origins popular among the Memon community of Karachi.

The delicious mix of noodles with coconut-infused spicy curry will make you drool!

Pani Puri from Liaquatabad’s Famous Gol Gappay


Damn! Munching on these goodies will flood your mouth with a mix of spicy, sour, and sweet sauce!

Afghani boti in Al-Asif Square, Sohrab Goth

(Kashan Siddiqui)

The authentic, delicious Afghan and Pakhtun cuisine place in Karachi!

Kata-kat or Brain Masala from Café Laziz, Burns Road

Café Lazeez: A savoury half century! - The News International

Delicious fried brain (maghaz), mixed in herbs and spices, and then skillfully fried in ghee! It might also include kidney and liver!

Karhai from several places!

Shaheen Shinwari Karhai.

There are so many Karhai places in Karachi, and all of them taste different but equally good! The OG ones are Shinwari Karhai, Anwar Baloch, Butt Karhai, Madina Hotel, Afridi Inn, and dozens more!

What are your views on this? Know more places? Share with us in the comments below.

  • but no guarantee for hygiene at any place in Pakistan, so better refrain yourself from any of these places these are illness candies in golden wrapper

  • Best food options available with wide variety and affordable price. Best pulao and Zinger at Galaxy food opposite Javed Nihari dastagir. Delicious Rabri at Dehli Rabri ( Bahadur Abad). Kachori houses at Tariq road near Tariq center, best falooda at saddar streets. Love ?

  • Naseeb biryani mehmoodabad is 3rd class. All other things are delicious and value for money.
    Noman ka pulao and friends ki biryani at Korangi…

    • Really? I believe Naseeb Biryani is among the best in Karachi, lol. Anyways, I will definitely try Noman Pulao and Friends Biryani, thanks for sharing the names of these places, Farrukh.

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