CALL FOR JUSTICE: 15-year-old Christian transgender boy raped and murdered in Faisalabad

Activist Shaan Taseer is asking for your help.

Another minor boy has fallen victim to the brutal rape culture in Pakistan and needs your voice to ask for justice. A 15-year-old Christian transgender boy was kidnapped, raped and then murdered in Faislabad.

Taking to Facebook, activist and the son of slain governor Salman Taseer, Shaan Taseer asked people to request the Minister for Human Rights Shireen Mazari for help. According to the details he shared, the boy was gang-raped and later killed. Despite the family’s attempts, the FIR is yet to be lodged.

”Musa, a 15-year-old transgender boy from the Christian community has been gang-raped and murdered. A local hoodlum by the name of Nomi Butt is implicated. Despite the passing of 24 hrs, an FIR has not been registered. Please lend us your support in bringing justice to Musa. More to come,” Shaan posted. 

In the second post, Shaan shared more details about the case and requested people to leave a message to Mazari to bring the matter into her notice. 

”Brothers and Sisters. Yesterday, on the 4th of April, a Christian Transgender boy Musa, resident of Daud Nagar Faisalabad was lured away by a local gang of 10 -12 thugs and physically, sexually abused and murdered. His body was left outside his master and mentor’s house. Batala Colony Police Station has refused to take action. No FIR has been lodged despite the presence of multiple witnesses. Please help us bring #JusticeForMusa.”

”Please message the Honourable Minister for Human Rights (+92 333 555 3747) and share your message here”.

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