15-year-old girl from Pattoki lodges sexual assault complaint against her father on PM Citizen’s Portal

A few days have passed since Prime Minister Imran Khan commented on sexual violence during his interview with Axios on HBO.

Minors across Punjab remain vulnerable to sexual violence as incidents of sexual abuse are on the rise. The Authorities concerned for dealing with the survivors of child sexual abuse fail to take needed precautions to safeguard the vulnerable.

A few days have passed since Prime Minister Imran Khan commented on sexual violence during his interview with Axios on HBO; however, things don’t seem to have improved. Hope hangs by a thread as another pack of cases has been reported.

Details of the First Case

According to media reports, a 15-year-old girl from Pattoki, Kasur, registered a sexual assault complaint with the Prime Minister Portal and Child Protection and Welfare Bureau alleging that her father had been sexually assaulting her for the past five years. The rape victim stated:

After all that I have gone through, I could sense that my father is looking for an opportunity to rape my eight-year-old sister. I am terrified due to this thought, so I came forward.

Another Rape Incident Surfaces

According to details, a teenage girl was allegedly pregnant due to repeated sexual assault by her father for over one year. The case was reported in Bahawalpur, just a day after the Prime Minister’s comments on rape. Reports state that the victim’s mother came to know of the rape incidents when the suspect took his daughter to a nearby hospital for an abortion.

A family member of the victim said:

We did not know about the ordeal of the girl who had suffered so much due to her father; otherwise, none of us would have spared the rapist. These are bad times. If a father does not take care of and protect his minor daughter, who else will? We are ashamed that we did not know the reality of a suspect and the crime he was committing within the family. We now know the reality of this rapist.

The Rape Cases don’t End

Following Imran Khan’s speech, a seven-year-old girl visiting a nearby mosque to learn religious education was raped by the mosque leader in Kasur.

Close relatives, blood relations, teachers, strangers – when it comes to rape, no one is safe from anyone. Even after all this, assault victims, particularly minors and women, constantly have to live through victim-blaming, trivializing rape, denial of widespread rape, refusal to acknowledge the harm caused by sexual violence, and more.

According to details, few incidents of rape are officially reported, or pursued legally, as the process can be extremely painful for survivors, who have to relive trauma, and with little hope for justice. It is high time that authorities divert their focus from victim blaming to victim support and protection. We hope that work is done to address this alarming issue soon.

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