16 points you need to know about Maryam Nawaz’s press conference and Judge Arshad Malik’s video



Another happening day in Pakistani politics and yet again the center stage was taken by none other than Maryam Nawaz with yet another “thrilling & explosive” press conference, where she claimed that the video evidence was “ENOUGH” to prove Nawaz Sharif innocent.

The problem with Maryam Nawaz Sharif so far is that she thinks she is an evil genius, a revolutionary & no one in the entire country is more competent & deserving to be a PM than her. She is basically Cersei Lannister of Game of Thrones, but MINUS all the wisdom OBVIOUSLY.

What was portrayed by her as “ALLAH KI Nusrat” & “Biggest Proof of NS’s Innocence” was nothing more than another historic blunder which will haunt Maryam & PMLN for long, that’s exactly why all the PMLN Leaders including the very helpless Shehbaz Sharif looked dejected, disturbed & depressed.

Maryam Nawaz would definitely be able to manipulate & feed the brains of an ignorant PMLN follower who follow Sharifs religiously & blindly but for the intellectual community, the one with the brains & common sense, the 52 min long video & the transcript was TOO suspicious & flawed to be believed as Maryam wanted.

So I watched the 52 mins long video released by PMLN & tried to understand it along with the transcript and here is my assessment & understanding:


  1. The entire video is GENUINE. Some portions MIGHT be cropped out (not sure about it) but surely no dubbing.

  2. In the entire video/transcript, Judge DIDN’T say anything which could support Maryam Nawaz’s claim that Judge Arshad Malik was “guilty” & called Nasir to satisfy his conscience. In fact, this plot looks like a CLEAR LIE (I’ll tell why in the coming tweets).

  3. Whatever the Judge is dictating looks like the loopholes & distorted interpretations of law through which he forcefully WANTED to save NS from Conviction in Hill Metal Establishment Case.

  4. By the tone & body language, it looks like the judge, via Nasir, is now sending those vague loopholes & rhetorics to PMLN to be used in appeals against his OWN judgment OR in media/public narrative. (Collusion with the Judge – BIG CRIME).

  5. 80% of the points suggested by the Judge have already been a part of PMLN’s narrative & have all been thrown to the dustbin by SC way back in Panama Case. It seems like the judge PURPOSELY tried/wanted to validate them all via his judgment but couldn’t.

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  1. From the so far transcript & video, it was evident that the Judge had/have relations with Shairfs/PMLN & wanted to save NS BUT he was FORCED NOT TO give any personal favor and decide the case on merit.

  2. According to him, he was blackmailed. He was shown an old secret video of him and it was a hint that if he doesn’t decide the case on merit, the video will be leaked/exposed.

  3. Opposite to Maryam Nawaz’s claim, that Judge was forced to do an ILLEGAL decision. It looks more possible & quite visible from the video that the judge is saying that he was forced to give a FAIR JUDGEMENT despite his closeness with PMLN. (Makes better sense).

  4. The judge NOWHERE appeared GUILTY for ruining NS’s life but probably was APOLOGETIC for not being able to help/serve him, as he wanted to save him by hook or crook & by spinning law. As nowhere he even closely said anything to suggest that he considers NS innocent or NS was wrongly trapped.

  5. There can be 2 possibilities:

A. The judge was close to PMLN, wanted to save NS illegally, couldn’t because he was pressurized & now helping NS.

B. The judge was close to PMLN yet gave judgment on merit & now mending his terms with PMLN by lying that he was pressurized.

  1. In both the above cases, it would have been MUCH better if Maryam Nawaz had used the points the judge gave to strengthen their review appeals. But Maryam Nawaz being herself, took the illogical road & TRAPPED & threw dirt on the very judge who tried to prove his loyalty to her father.

  2. This video will DEFINITELY help the narrative of Maryam Nawaz & she will cash the political mileage from it BUT on the other hand, she has YET AGAIN picked a fight she CAN NOT handle. That’s why Shehbaz Sharif & Co. looked terribly depressed.

  3. CJP Asif Saeed Khan Khosa, should take a suo moto and properly investigate the exact case as whatsoever, the PMLN camp will continue to target Judiciary as much as they can.

  4. Unless & until something else in this connection happens or Judge Arshad Malik gives his version.. till then.. so far, this video is a BIG ZERO legally, which means NO RELIEF for Nawaz Sharif AT ALL.

  5. I really am not sure for how long, but I believe this entire fiasco won’t last for long and would fade away like all the failed attempts of Maryam Nawaz to rescue her father or to become next Benazir Bhutto.

  6. Imran Khan stays the PM. Accountability Continues ruthlessly. No NRO. The only way to relief for anyone is a HANDSOME PLEA BARGAIN. And InshaAllah, Pakistan would continue to move towards a new era politically & economically.

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