17 New Airlines Get Approval To Commence Tourist and Chartered Flights in Pakistan

As many as 17 new airlines will soon be commencing their tourist and chartered flights in Pakistan. These airlines have been granted licenses by the Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

Officials of the CAA told a local news outlet that Fly Jinnah, a joint venture of Air Arabia and Lakson Group, has completed all the necessary arrangements for their flight operation. Their flights will commence later this month.

Initially, Fly Jinnah will operated its flights from Karachi only. Later, it will expand its operation to other cities of the country as well as starting its international flights operation.

Q Airways, a venture of the Ramada Group of Hotels, is another airline which has been granted license. In its first stage, it will operate flights from Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad.

As per details, in the tourism category, 13 companies have been granted approval to operate chartered flights. Furthermore, the CAA is also reviewing the application of Jet Green Airlines to commence flights in the country.

For the promotion of tourism in the country, four small airlines have been granted licenses. Alvir Airways got CAA approval last year in the tourism sector. Initially, it will be starting its flight operation from Karachi and Islamabad to Gwadar.

Aircraft Sales and Services Limited (ASSL) was the first ever airlines to get license in the tourism category. Karachi, Gwadar, and Mohenjodaro are its flights destinations. Other airlines which have received permits from from the CAA included North Air, Kashmir Air and Air Pakistan.

Moreover, the companies which have received approval to operate chartered flights in Pakistan include ASSL, Hybrid Techniques, Pakistan Aviators and Aviation, Princely Jet, Vision Air, Air Falcon, Air Eagle, KT Airways, and AHS Air International.

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