Man accused of stripping and filming 17-year-old girl released on bail

"I am poor, helpless, and did not have any support, and I am the sole provider for my three orphaned siblings."

17-year-old stripped and filmed

A 17-year-old girl was abducted, sexually assaulted and stripped naked by three suspects in the jurisdiction of Waris Khan, Rawalpindi city’s main police station.

The girl, who works as a house cleaner in different homes, was subjected to physical torture; her oppressors also filmed her while she was forced to walk.

A case was registered on the 15th of July against the three accused in the Waris Khan police station. The incident came to light when a video clip went viral on social media, showing the girl at the mercy of three criminals who commanded her to undress herself and walk.

In her complaint, the girl alleged that the men had also gang-raped her at knifepoint.

The 17-year-old said, “I am poor, helpless, and did not have any support, and I am the sole provider for my three orphaned siblings.”

According to the victim, on the day of the incident, she was returning from a house where she worked as a house cleaner when she was abducted and taken to a spot where the attack took place.

‘Police Refused to Register my Complaint’

She added, “I went to the Banni police station, but the police refused to register my complaint.”

“I have no support. The suspects had threatened me, so I remained silent. The Police only contacted me after the video went viral on social media,” she said.

The Rawalpindi police, on the other hand, said that one of the three suspects was arrested. “Amir Qureshi is charged with stripping the girl and filming her,” said the police. However, a local court in Rawalpindi released him on bail against Rs 50,000 surety bonds.

Qureshi’s two other accomplices Arsalan Akram and Mohsin Akram, are on interim bail until the 11th of August.

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  • اگر اس جج کی بیٹی کیساتھ ایسا ہوتا تو کب کی سزائے موت دی جس چکی ہوتی

    • Our courts are not the cours of justice they do their work on the basis of file put before them.

  • We should bow down on the court orders if someone is not satisfied should go to the next court and challenge the bail order.we should no pass any derogatory remarks against the court and police with out knowing the real facts.

    • you stupid i hope your views will be same when somebody will rap your sister or mother or wife. Shame on animal like you.

  • Wow hats off to our adliah… Allah kere uski apni beti k saath ho ese aur poore social media py daly video jis judge ne isko raha kiya

  • Naya Pakistan mubarak ho, infact lagta to aisa hai k child harrasment act bhi siraf dikhanai k lia banaya giya hai. Bus stories sunno in ki.

  • ایسے ۔۔۔سارے جج کی بیٹی بہن اور بیوی کے ساتھ یہ ہونا چاہیئے یہ سبب۔۔۔۔ زادے جج۔ کتے کی موت مرنے کے قابلُ ہیں جو ۔۔۔۔ اکثریتی ۔۔۔۔زادے جج صرف۔ مجرموں کو ریلیف دینے کے واسطے عدالتوں کو بروتھلُ بنا کر بیٹھے ہیں

  • I was thinking our judiciary is only helping criminals of highest status like Zardaris and Shareefs but I was wrong our judiciary is helping all criminals without their status.

  • ہمیں کچھ لوگوں کو ایسے گھناؤنے جرم پر پھانسی دینی پڑے گی تاکہ عوام کو عبرت ہو

  • یہ تو ہمارا قانون ہے۔ سارا سسٹم ہی کرپٹ ہے خاص کر عدالتی سسٹم۔ کہ بے شرموں کی طرح ضمانت پر رہا کردیا ہے ان درندوں کو کہ جاؤ اور پھر ایسے کام کرو ہم پھر دوبارہ ضمانت دے دیں گے۔ لعنت ہے ایسے سسٹم پر

  • Judges are corrupt and are the roots of all the criminal activities, they have no morals no ethics no humanity they must be hanged till death

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