All Microsoft Users Endangered? 17 YEARS OLD security flaw detected and here is how you can fix it!

Microsoft, the software maker, has already been informed about SigRed.

Security researchers have detected a critical security flaw in the Windows\\’ Domain Name System (DNS). Sagi Tzaik, a Check Point Software Technologies researcher, discovered a way to inject malicious code in the DNS.

Through this code, private information can be stolen, emails can be intercepted, websites can be hijacked, and more damage can be done. The researchers have codenamed this vulnerability as \\’SigRed\\’.

The SigRed explicitly affects the 2003 to 2019 Windows Server versions. Thus, people are advised to patch the flaw (SigRed) immediately.

Microsoft, the software maker, has already been informed about SigRed. The company acknowledged the flaw and communicated that the error could allow hackers to take over multiple machines at a time. According to Microsoft, SigRed can cause significant damage.

Corporate customers who run personal platforms are subject to a severe threat by SigRed. The evidence of this danger can be drawn from the fact that the exploit is relatively simple to use.

Omri Herscovici, a Check Point researcher, said:

The DNS server breach is a seriously dangerous thing. It puts the attacker one inch away from eating up the entire organization.

The researcher further revealed that the flaw has persisted for more than 17 years. This extensive period suggests that attackers are most likely already aware of SigRed, and they have possibly been using the error to their advantage to date.

Fortunately, Microsoft issued a fix for this vulnerability on Tuesday. The software marker urges everyone to download the update (fix) immediately to steer clear of any SigRed triggered casualties. We recommend the same!

Learn how to patch SigRed here:

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