Pakistani Twitter has found a new meme and it is Zartaj Gul’s ’19 points’

Well, she is making Twitter headlines!

The Minister of State for Climate Change Zartaj Gul became an internet sensation after her recent television appearance. While explaining the current situation regarding coronavirus, the minister said that ‘COVID-19 means it has 19 points, which can be applied in any country in any way’. She said COVID-19 means ‘coronavirus disease 2019’.

The minister continued that the ‘CO’ in the word stands for ‘corona’, the ‘VI’ for ‘virus’, and ‘D’ for ‘disease’. She then asked people to strengthen their immunity, as this is similar to a ‘flu’.

After this mistake, Zartaj Gul has become the new internet meme, with #ZartajGulWazir trending on Twitter. People across the country are making fun of her for being so ‘ignorant’ about the novel virus.

Here’s how the people reacted:

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  • She is great not like Pmln, ppp dakus that loot the public and give there voters donkey meat and then go abroad for there check ups. So what if made a mistake or joked about it. Focus on the big problems judges looting you, politicians been looting you, molvies been looting you, Media everybody day is giving you lies and fake news. Some people are so stupid they ignore big criminals but attack someone honest and genuine like Good looking Zartaj Gul.

  • PTI wazir ha ay  madam. ap logo ko happy ho na ha because ap ka pti would sa opposite knowledge raknama baap ha sab ki

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