20% Pakistanis will get free COVID-19 vaccine by Gavi Vaccine Alliance

 The Gavi is a public-private partnership that helps provide vaccines to developing countries.

Gavi Vaccine Alliance

An international organization, ‘Gavi Vaccine Alliance’, owned by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, has decided to supply Pakistan with free COVID-19 vaccine to immunize 20% of its 225 million population.

The Gavi is a public-private partnership that helps provide vaccines to developing countries.

According to the Ministry of National Health Services, The firm has signed an agreement with Pakistan to provide 90 million doses of a COVID-19 vaccine, once it is ready. Two doses are needed to vaccinate one person; each is estimated to cost about $10.

The Director-General at the Ministry of National Health Services, Dr. Malik Mohammad Safi, said, “We will be securing the vaccine through the Gavi for 20% of our population for free.”

“These vaccines are in the trial phase in different countries till November,” he said, adding that a safe vaccine against COVID-19 is expected to be available next year, after its approval by relevant regulatory agencies.

Dr. Safi added that if more doses will be needed after 45 million Pakistanis have been immunized, the government has a provision to purchase them later from the Gavi.

Ninety-two low- and middle-income countries, including Pakistan, will be able to access the COVID-19 vaccines through the Gavi’s COVAX Advance Market Commitment.

Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, chair of the Gavi board, said in a statement in July while approving the free vaccine mechanism, “These countries will have limited sources to access future COVID-19 vaccines. We must support them. Without assistance, the majority of the world’s population will continue to suffer from the disease even after we have developed a tool to tackle it.”

The Gavi’s goal is to supply the countries with 2 billion vaccine doses by the end of 2021.

With a steady decline in COVID-19 cases and fatalities, Pakistan’s coronavirus situation is improving. Dr. Safi said the government’s health guidelines would remain in place until it is eradicated.

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