Government to release a “20 Plants 20 Marks” program for students under Clean and Green Pakistan’s initiative

Here's what it means!

The Minister of State for Climate Change Zartaj Gul stated that the Federal Government plans to incentivize students to plant trees by offering 20 extra marks to students who plant at least 20 saplings. A legislation to this effect is being introduced in parliament and is aimed at integrating youth in the 10 Billion Tree Tsunami plantation project.

In an interview with the Associated Press of Pakistan, the Minister shared:

The unique effort is being developed to require each university graduate to plant at least 20 trees during the course of their education, following the prime minister’s vision of a clean and green Pakistan.

It should be noted that Prime Minister Imran Khan has frequently stressed the involvement of the youth in addressing the challenges of climate change and environmental conservation. In a ceremony held last week in Islamabad to celebrate World Environment Day, the premier said:

Pakistan’s youth is its biggest advantage. It can play a role in protecting the environment.

Details about the 20 Plants 20 Marks Scheme

Explaining the proposed scheme, Zartaj Gul said:

The additional marks will be awarded to students for planting trees as part of educational activities; similar to the extra marks granted under the National Cadet Corps program.

The Minister added that the legislation would make it mandatory for a university graduate to plant 20 saplings while the university and district administrations would help in locating feasible plantation sites. Under the scheme, millions of saplings could be planted every year which would prove to be a valuable asset for the country’s future and upcoming generations.

Stressing the concept of a greener Pakistan, Zartaj Gul stated:

Full participation of the youth in the movement to plant more trees in the country will be encouraged through this legislation under the vision of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s clean and green Pakistan. Programs like 20 Plants 20 Marks will not only encourage the youth to be a part of this national goal but will also fulfill the dream of making Pakistan green and prosperous.

The Minister further shared that the active participation of all sections of society is being ensured for the success of the Clean and Green Pakistan movement.

The Minister of State for Climate Change concluded the statement by saying:

Prime Minister Imran Khan wants to make the future for upcoming generations safe and sustainable through nature conservation. To this end, he not only presented the idea of a clean, green, and prosperous Pakistan [but] also put it into practice. He has introduced several revolutionary initiatives for environmental preservation.

For now, the 20 Plants 20 Marks program is still under works. The Federal Government is looking at the most optimal ways of bringing the idea into execution. Once finalized, the program will be launched all across Pakistan.

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  • Should be 200 plants… In our times for 20 marks, we used to do 20 days of army training for NCC.

  • Great. Students in any country can play a great role in any project. I wish that the scope of any such project is diversified to school and college students as well.

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