20 verdicts, 3 months: Pakistan’s first blind judge setting records

Settling a dozen cases, setting a benchmark with his unblemished and credible performance, Pakistan’s first ever blind judge Yousuf Salim has set new precedents by settling 20 cases in three months only.

His excellence has garnered a lot of praise form the public as well as his fellows, who have been thoroughly impressed by his performance. Speaking about his own performance, he commented: “Nothing is impossible in the world once you put in hard efforts.”

Salim’s journey till here has not been easy. Initially, his potential was about to be wasted when he was initially rejected due to his disability. Despite him topping the civil judge exams and making his mark, he was deemed unfit for the position and was not called for the interview. However, his resilience overcame this hurdle as well.

After mainstream and digital media spoke about him, then Chief Justice Saqib Nisar took notice of the case and ordered his interview to be conducted. LHC and selection committee reconsidered his case and recommended him for the position. He was appointed as a civil judge in January 2019.

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Not only is his journey an inspiration due to his performance, but also the way he fought through the circumstances despite his disability is an example to follow for the physically challenged.

Blind by birth, Yousaf is a gold medalist from University of Punjab, LLB (Hons) program. After completing his degree in 2014, 3 years later he gave an exam for the position of civil judge and stood first. However, he was initially rejected due to his impairment.

His sister, Saima Saleem, is also the first blind person to clear CSS in 2007. She stood sixth in the exam and chose foreign services. She also is a gold medalist from Kinnard College.

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