‘200 million funds released for Pakistani students stuck in China’

Pakistani students on Chinese Language Scholarship Programme are facing severe financial miseries as the Punjab government has stopped the project funding.


Pakistani students sent to China on Chinese Language Scholarship Programme were left in the lurch and desperate financial miseries as the Punjab government stopped the project funding. These scholars, that are 155 in number, were selected for the Chief Minister’s Chinese Language Scholarship Programme initiated by ex-CM Punjab Shahbaz Sharif.

The purpose of the program was to train the graduates to learn the Chinese language so that their potential can be utilised in China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) projects and create employment oppurtunities for them.

The said group of students was the fourth batch programme in which 155 students were sent on the programme for two years (2017-19) and obtain HSK-5 language certification from Chinese universities.

But local media sources have recently reported that University of Education (UoE) Township Campus Lahore, managing the project, has seized the funding since April 2019. Students also informed that they were deprived of a monthly stipend of 2800 Yuan and are facing difficulties to fulfil their expenditures.

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Pakistani students have reached out for help. Ever since the project was launched in 2015, it had trained 345 students successfully. However, the Phase-IV students were abandoned and even their queries are not being replied.

Following the outcry, Spokesperson of Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Gill announced that Punjab government has released funds of 200 million for the relief of these students.

The officials informed that the cost of the program for these 155 students is about 100 million. These students were sent to learn the Chinese language in the universities of Shanghai, Beijing, Inner Mongolia, Wuhan and Hebei.

“Students living there in miserable conditions even don’t have the fee to appear in Chinese language exam HSK-5 for which they weresent there”, officials said.  

The funding of the project was halted before November 2018 by the Higher Education Department (HED) –Punjab, and UoE was managing funds from its own resources.

“However, now the university itself has stopped sending the stipend as it cannot bear the expenses anymore,” said the official, as local media source reports.

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