200-year-old Gurdwara restored, handed back to the Sikh community after 73 years

People of the Pashtun areas of the province are thrilled because of this new development.

The Balochistan Government restored a 200-year-old Gurdwara in Quetta: Gurdwara Sri Guru Singh Sabha on Masjid Road. According to reports, the Gurdwara had been converted into a government school for girls after the Partition. After restoration, the school students have been allowed to take admission in a nearby girls’ school, so their education is not compromised.

The government handed over the restored Gurdwara to the Sikh community to continue their religious practices. The Provincial Parliamentary Secretary for Minority Affairs Dhanesh Kumar lauded the government’s decision to hand over the monument to the Sikh brothers.

According to details, the 2,000 Sikh families living in Quetta, Dera Bugti, Osta Muhammad, and Pashtun areas of the province are thrilled because of this new development.

Chairman of the Sikh community in Balochistan, Sardar Jasbeer Singh, was delighted too:

The Sikh community of the province is very pleased that our ancient Gurdwara has been handed over to the Sikh community by the Government of Pakistan and the Balochistan High Court after 73 years. Now we can continue our religious practice. The Sikh community from all over Pakistan and the rest of the world appreciate this initiative.

The historic place of worship spreads over 14,000 square feet and is worth billions of rupees. There are similar 10-15 more historical Gurdwaras in Balochistan that are still occupied.

Jasbeer Singh expressed hope for their restoration too:

We are hopeful that the government will focus on opening these closed shrines in Balochistan.

It is pertinent to mention that earlier in February this year, a 200-year-old temple was handed to the minority Hindu community in the district Zhob by the Balochistan government.

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