24/7 Driving License Facility Introduced For Citizens of Lahore

Citizens of Lahore will now be able to apply for their driving licenses anytime as Punjab Inspector General Police Faisal Shahkar inaugurated CTPL Smart 24/7 Licensing Center in Manawan Lines.

The 24-hours facility will be available 7 days of the week. Speaking on the occasion, Punjab IGP termed the provision of driving licenses to citizens one of the top priorities of Punjab Police.

“Citizens of Lahore can now get their driving licenses at any day and any time of the week,” City Traffic Police Lahore said in a social media post.

Faisal Shahkar ordered the concerned officials to make the process as easy as possible for the citizens. He also directed to give priority to senior citizens and women at the CTPL Smart 24/7 Licensing Center.

It is indeed a great step by the Punjab police as it will make the process of making a license easy without waiting in long queues during limited hours. Lahore High Court in an order last year had directed the traffic police to impose a fine of Rs. 2,000 on those driving without a valid license.

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