Here Is A List Of All 24 Words In Urdu Of Pure Turkic Origin

There are many words in Urdu that are used in Turkish as well.

Ottoman Turkish.

Urdu is a dialect of Hindustani that heavily borrows from Arabic, Farsi (Persian), and Turkish.

There are many words in Urdu that are used in Turkish as well. Nevertheless, the words are not purely Turkic as they have been earlier derived from either Arabic or Farsi.

Interestingly, there are only 24 words Turkish words in Urdu that are purely Turkic and are neither borrowed nor loaned from Arabic or Farsi.

Here’s the list of the words:

  • Urdu اردو ordu: The word ordu means ‘army’ or ‘camp’ in Turkish. However, it is hardly ever used in this understanding in the Urdu language.
  • Begum بیگم begüm: This word means ‘lady’ in Turkish and is used in the same sense in Urdu. Nevertheless, it is most often understood as ‘wife’ in Urdu.
  • Baji باجی baci: This word means ‘elder sister’ in Turkish and used in the same way in Urdu. It’s also sometimes used to refer to women who have some sort of authority over you. For example, madrassa pupils may refer to their female qari as baji.
  • Yaldram یلدرم yıldırım: This word means ‘thunder.’ However, it is seldom used in spoken Urdu.
  • Joq جوق: This word means ‘group of people’ in Turkish. It is mostly used in the Urdu phrase “Joq dar joq” (جوق در جوق) but seldom used alone.
  • Ghool غول: This word means ‘pack of birds.’
  • Yalghar یلغار: This word means ‘attack/assault.’
  • Yurish یورش: This word also means ‘attack.’
  • Qainchi قینچی: This word means ‘scissor.’ It is the most often used word in this list.
  • Baghi باغی: This word means ‘rebellious.’
  • Qadghan قدغن: This word means ‘ban.’
  • Quli قلی köle: This word means ‘coolie/laborer.’ It is necessary to note that this word can be used as a derogatory term/racial slur.
  • Qanat قنات: This word refers to a partition of a tent or an upright side of the tent or a backbone of the tent.
  • Ailchi ایلچی elçi: This word means ‘messenger/envoy.’
  • Ataleeq اتالیق atalık: This word means ‘teacher.’
  • Anna anne: This word means ‘nurse/maid/mum.’
  • Tamgha تمغہ tamğa: This word means ‘medal.’
  • Chaqmaq چقمق çakmak: This word means ‘lightning.’ 
  • Tuzak تزک: This word can be meant as ‘administration’ or ‘memoirs’. It is seldom used in this understanding in Urdu but is used with another word as تزک و احتشام (tuzuk-o-ahtesham), meaning ‘glory and writ of a king.’
  • Qurq قرق: This word means ‘judicial attachment.’
  • Kaash: This word can be referred to as a slice or piece of orange.
  • Chugha چوغا: This word can be referred to as a cloak from the middle ages.
  • Chi چی ci: This is a suffix added to words to create a noun, indicating a profession or occupation. This is used in some words in Urdu such as باورچی (cook) and توپچی (cannon bearer).
  • Tughra طغرا tuğra: This can be referred to writing of any words in an artistic and complex manner, usually from the Ottoman era.

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  • Tamgha تمغہ tamğa: This word means ‘medal.

    Correct word is “taghma”….I used to believe that tamgha is the right word unless a person challenged me to find this word in
    urdu lughat……..

    • Hey, Ali. Can you please provide the reference for the word “taghma” from an Urdu lughat so that it will be clear which word is right?

  • There are many more words in Urdu which are borrowed from Turkish or turkic languages. for example, what about “darzi”?

    • Yes, there are more words in the Urdu language that also appear in Turkish. But this blog is talking about the words in Urdu that are of ‘pure’ Turkic origin and not influenced by either Arabic or Farsi (Persian).

  • اور بھی بہت سارے ترک الفاظ ہیں جو ہم عام استعمال کرتے ہیں، جیسا کہ
    دنیا، انسان، شوربا، حریت، قیمہ، ہوا، اُسترا

    • جی بلکل- اور بھی الفاظ ہیں جو تُرک زبان اور اردو دونوں میں ہیں- لیکن اُن الفاظ کی اصل جڑے عربي یا فارسی میں ہیں- یہ ۲۴ الفاظ کی وجود ہی تُرک لسان سے ہے، ناکہ عربي اور فارسی سے-

  • How much are you goign to bend over to try to find a link to Turks or TUrkish? Our language Urdu is derived from Hindustani….which is obviously superior to any Arbi..turkish….english…chinese…etc etc

    • Firstly, I am not going out of my to establish a link with Turkish. Jo hai, wo hai. Urdu is a dialect of Hindustani which has many Persian and Arabic words. Out of this, there are only 24 words of pure Turkic origin, and I have only highlighted that. Jo hai, wo hai…these 24 words are part of Urdu, whether you like it or not.
      Secondly, in no way is Urdu ‘superior’ to any language. There are a multitude of local languages in Pakistan that are as beautiful as Urdu. In fact, every language on this planet should be cherished and respected and no language is superior to any language. Please don’t be so close-minded. The world is huge, expand your horizons, my friend.

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