24-year-old model killed for rejecting marriage proposal

Samia Nawaz model killed

A young model was killed by her friend yesterday in Lahore after she turned down his marriage proposal.

According to police, Suleman Nawaz proposed Samia Nawaz to marry him but she refused to do so. The two were in a relationship for a year, police said.

The SP of Cantonment confirmed that the suspect wanted to marry the victim. Suleman was angry at Samia for turning down his marriage proposal so he shot her dead.

The police said that the model was shot in the had and she died instantly. The father of Samia Nawaz registered an FIR in the local police station, upon which the police took action and arrested the killer.  She was a resident of Baghbanpura.

Its the second case of a model being killed in just a week. Just a week ago, a 22 year old model was killed by her brother for refusing to quit the showbiz industry.

According to details, Sidra worked as a fashion model in Islamabad, Karachi and Faisalabad. However, her family was against her work and asked her to quit.

Recently, when she went back home to spend time with her family, she was being pressurised to leave modelling. Her brother killed her upon refusal to quit the industry.

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