Experts list 25 Places Everyone Should Be Visiting Next Year. And Yes, Pakistan Is Included

Pakistan made a huge improvement in it's overall Forbes ranking, jumping to the 14th position from 32nd.


British online publisher The Independent has launched a list of travel destinations recommended by experts next year, and Pakistan has secured a spot.

‘Wild Frontiers’, an award-winning adventure travel company, recommended Pakistan in the list. Due to the visit of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to the country in autumn of this year, the country has been gaining a lot of hype.

Moreover, now, traveling to Pakistan from London has become a lot less hectic too, thanks to the direct British Airways flight to Islamabad.

Wild Frontiers has been naming Pakistan among the next big destination for the past couple of years. An increase of 20% has been observed in tourism as well, as compared to 2018.

Pakistan shared this list with countries like Egypt, Milwaukee, Copenhagen, Chad, Peru and a lot more. It is no lie that the country has been blessed with beautiful sites, which are worthy of visiting at least once in your lifetime, and gladly the world is recognizing it now.

Tourists who tend to come to the country label it a ‘must visit’, since it offers beautiful sites, the people are hospitable and consider the tourists as their ‘guests’, has great food and gives an insight of different cultures and traditions.

Forbes listed Pakistan among the hottest tourist locations:

“Pakistan, despite having limited government support and being difficult to sell to businesses and government agencies, still commands #1 for earning a living. The nation’s comeback in this category is a remarkable feat given the country was ranked #30 in 2016. The improvement of livable income may be because Pakistan has become a more open market for do-good companies to sell to the general public,” Forbes wrote.

Pakistan made a huge improvement in it’s overall Forbes ranking, jumping to the 14th position from 32nd. The two areas which helped Pakistan improve its ranking are women in leadership positions and ease of accessing investment.

Out of the 12 metrics Pakistan failed to keep pace with other countries in government support and access to non-financial assistance.

Pakistan’s Ranking on Each Metric:
  • Making a Living – 01
  • Access to Investment – 09
  • Getting Grant Funding – 24
  • Sell to Government – 23
  • Sell to Public – 10
  • Government Support – 33
  • Public Understanding – 08
  • Gaining Momentum – 28
  • Favorable Conditions – 14
  • Non-financial Support – 30
  • Sell to Business – 25
  • Attracting Skilled Staff – 03

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