27 Children Lost Their Lives In 16 Days As Summer Sun Blazes On Thar

While the world is advancing at a lightning bolt speed, eradicating all the barriers towards the quality of life and achieving social equality by all means – those living in the deserts of Tharparkar lead a fight to keep their breaths running.

Tharparker is the largest among 29 districts of Sindh and unfortunately, the one with the lowest Human Development Index as well. While the leaders have continued to turn their deaf ear and blind eye to the in-need of help Thar community, deprivation of basic needs has led to the highest infant mortality rate across Pakistan.
According to a recent UNICEF report, Pakistan tops the list of 10 countries with the highest infant mortality. As per stats, roughly 1340 children have lost their lives in Thar since 2014. But in reality, the figures are even more harrowing than this.

Due to extremely hot weather, getting worse and worse and every day, 27 children have lost their lives in Mithi Civil Hospital alone during the first 16 days of this month alone. As Express Tribune reports, dozens of children died due to weather and inadequate health facilities across multiple health centres across the district.
Most of the children are under the age of one. A paediatrician, wishing to stay anonymous and working for a private hospital says that the cause of death is underweight children born to malnourished women.

Father of one-year-old who lost his named Akbar Gaho said his child died due to the negligence of the health staff. He said that his situation wasn’t critical, but the delay in treatment caused this. They staged a protest against the doctors of Mithi Civil Hospital demanding an inquiry.
He is not the only grieving father who blames the hospital. Most of the suffering families say that unavailability of required equipment and sullen attitude of the staff is the prime reasons for deaths.

‘’Underweight children born to malnourished mothers require medical help to survive. Unfortunately, the standards of the medical intervention required are lacking. The leading cause of infant mortality is premature birth, complication at the time of birth or infections.’’ – He said talking to Express Tribune.
He further said all these problems are curable if the doctors are equipped with needed facilities.

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