List of 27 colleges BANNED for offering BS (Hons) Degree Programs

The decision was made over malpractice and lack of infrastructure.

HED bans 27 colleges from offering BS (Hons) Degree Program.

Recently, an inspection team comprising the Directorate of Colleges (Lahore Division) inspected a select pool of private colleges that were offering BS (Hons) courses. The inquiry revealed that only two institutions were fulfilling proper requirements and were complying with higher education standards.

Following this information disclosure, the Higher Education Department (HED) of Punjab took a colossal step to curb the shortcomings in Pakistan’s educational standards. After a detailed inspection, the HED banned 27 of the 29 surveyed colleges from offering BS (Hons) degree programs.

Here is the list of the 27 schools and colleges that have been declared ineligible until further notice:

These are the 27 colleges banned from offering BS (Hons) Degree Program.

The HED states:

The decision was made over malpractice and lack of infrastructure.

After the HED’s decision, the inspection team addressed the 27 colleges and stated: 

Remove your underlying curriculum and devise a concrete plan to address the missing infrastructural needs.

27 colleges have been banned from offering BS (Hons) Degree Program by HED.

Further details on the matter have not been disclosed yet. 

On the other hand, the private colleges eligible for BS Honors degrees were praised by the inspection team for fulfilling standards as per DPI criteria.

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