3 Pakistani Teachers Shortlisted For Cambridge ‘Dedicated Teacher Award’

Over 6,000 nominations were submitted for the award.

The 50 shortlisted candidates for Cambridge ‘Dedicated Teacher Award’ for the year 2020 have just been revealed. The list also includes 3 teachers from Pakistan’s different schools.

The three Pakistani teachers who have been shortlisted are as follows

Haider Ali, Resource Academia International School, Pakistan. 

Samara Farrukh, Beaconhouse Pothohar Campus, Pakistan. 

Zunaira Abubkr, Lahore Grammar School, Pakistan.

Over 6,000 nominations were submitted for the award between October 1st and November 29. A panel of experts will be asked to choose 6 teachers from the shortlisted candidates. The winner will be announced following an online poll where people can vote for the deserving one.

The Cambridge ‘Dedicated Teacher Award’ for the year 2019 was won by Pakistan’s Ahmed Saya from Karachi.

“The panel of judges did their research and shortlisted 50 topmost dedicated teachers. Then they further ranked teachers on different criteria and shortlisted the world’s six most dedicated teachers. From Pakistan, I was amongst the top 6. They then gave a supporting paragraph for each of the 6 winners and told people to read and vote the most deserving candidates. I was invited to Cambridge to receive this award where I managed to raise the flag high for Pakistan,” Ahmed Saya had said.

He had dedicated the award to his students from Karachi.

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