3 reasons why you should NOT watch Turkish series Ertugrul Ghazi

We are warning you in advance!


The Turkish drama series, Ertugrul Ghazi (Dirilis Ertugrul), has taken everyone by storm in Pakistan. Ever since the first Urdu dubbed season aired, the series already has millions of Pakistani fans, and the Prime Minister is no exception!


But here we have compiled all the reasons why you should not watch the series, Ertugrul Ghazi, at all.


1. You Will Be Beyond Addicted

There is no other word than ‘addiction’ in the dictionary that would do justice while explaining the feeling you have once you start the show. It’s all fun, and time passes until the show hooks you in a never-ending loop, episode after episode, and the situation gets out of hand. 


2. Sleep Deprivation

What is that one thing which is most important for almost all of us to ensure a good immune system to fight against COVID19? SLEEP. 

As an outcome of the previously mentioned reason, once you start watching Dirilis Ertugrul, you might not care about your sleep routine anymore. The incredible storyline and strong characters won’t let you pull the brakes, and you can trust us with that.


3. Difficulty Watching Pakistani Dramas

Ertugrul Ghazi is nothing like our conventional Pakistani dramas. The historic drama connects with the viewer at psychological and emotional levels. And, because of the unorthodox genre, people find it really difficult to continue watching Pakistani dramas. 

What are your thoughts on this? Share in the comment section below.

    Excellent, it’s extremely addicting. I didn’t sleep well till I finished all seasons. Hurt my eyesight by reading all the subtitles on Netflix, had dry eyes. Don’t like anything now. After watching ertugrul, there’s nothing that even comes close. No Hollywood, movies or dramas. Endian, I didn’t watch even before.

    After watching ertugrul, it’s natural, you won’t like anything else. I still watch some clips from series, time to time. It’s superb, marvelous, magnificent.


    Politcal Worker (193 posts)

    Ertugural is no doubt a remarkable show. I am watching the first season and going with PTV dubbing as its really awesome. I am not a fan of dramas but started to watch because Imran Khan asked for it.


    New Member (1 posts)

    I love this show. I say to those who are so afraid that this series will destroy the Pakistani cultural industry – don’t fear it, learn from it. Whenever there has been a Pakistani drama that is more than just the same old same old, it has been successful. So let’s all enjoy Ertugrul and look forward to something better from the Pak drama producers.


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