3-Year-Old Expired Meat Found In Restaurant After Food Poisoning Killed Minor Boys

Food from a luxurious and high-end restaurant claimed the lives of two minor boys. Upon investigation, the food authority found three-year-old meat and squash bottles from the kitchen.

Two boys, named Ahmad (one and a half years old) and Muhammad (5 years old), got food poisoning after eating at Arizona Grill in Defense Housing Authority (DHA) Karachi and lost their lives. The horrifying incident shook people as the restaurant is often a go-to spot for lavish meals. The police immediately sealed it and started investigation.

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The food authority raided the godown of the restaurant and found expired meat and squash bottles. They can possibly be linked with the death of boys and causing food poisoning in them.

“Hundreds of sherbet (squash) bottles that were a year past their expiry dates and around 80 kg of rotten meat were found. Three-year-old meat was being served to the customers.” – Shaikh said. 

Shaikh also revealed in the first report submitted to Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah that the restaurant was issued warning by the food authority to improve their standard of food and hygiene before as well.

The incident rose people’s concerns regarding the quality of food that is being served to them even by the most luxurious and reputed restaurants. Ahmad and Muhammad fell severely ill after eating at Arizona Grill. They were admitted to hospital with their mother, Ayesha, whose health deteriorated after the food as well.

Autopsy was carried out at Jinnah Post Graduate Medical Center (JMPC) with the additional police surgeon at the hospital Dr Sheeraz Ali. He said that the cause of deaths of the boys will be disclosed in the chemical examination report.

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