30 Pakistani migrants Pakistan found hidden in a lorry in France

About half a million Pakistanis have been deported in the last 5 years.


Over 30 migrants have been found hidden in the lorry in South France, as informed by prosecutors on Saturday. The driver, who also belonged to Pakistan, was detained.

The discovery was made after 39 people, who are believed to belong from Vietnam, were found dead in a refrigerated truck in Britain past month. The chilling incident again highlighted the risks and challenges of illegal migration to Europe particularly.

French prosecutors further added that a group of 31 migrants from Pakistan were also found during a routine check on a motorway near the Italian border.

“We will try and establish if we can trace it back to a network and backers as we always do in this type of case,” the prosecutors’ office in the southeastern city of Nice informed.

About half a million Pakistanis deported in the last 5 years:

A total of 519,000 migrants, from Pakistan, have been deported or exiled from 134 countries across the globe. These nationals came back with a long list of illegal offenses, including fictitious documentation and criminal convictions.

Among a list of the countries having exiled, Pakistanis are Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Oman, and UAE, the mentioned have deported the most number of Pakistanis.

Moreover, Saudi Arabia and Turkey have more than 65,000 illegal immigrants in deportee camps.
As per the data revealed by the Ministry of Interior, the kingdom has deported the most number of Pakistanis in the last five years.

Since 2014, Riyadh has deported over 325,000 Pakistani nationals. After that, UAE has deported 52,000 and 47,000 have been returned from Turkey and Oman. These were all living there unlawfully or illegally.

Malaysia, however, has exiled 18,312 Pakistani citizens, Britain 15,320, 17,534 from Greece, 936 from the US, 275 from China, 15,413 from Iran, 920 from Germany and lastly, 445 from China.

Among European countries, Italy exiled 945, France 845, Norway 301, Austria 270, Sweden 112, Bulgaria sent 175 back to Pakistan, Romania 165, Switzerland 65, Spain 494, Belgium 375 and Netherlands sent 145 Pakistanis back to their country.

Not only that, but Pakistanis have also been kicked out of war-torn countries like Libya, Syria, and Afghanistan. Largest of these three were deported from Libya, which is often looked at as an entry to Europe. The North African country deported over 300 Pakistanis. (READ MORE HERE).

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