300 acres of land allotted for university campus in Thar

Classes took place in a cultural department building, but now, land has been set aside for the campus


Three hundred acres of land in Mithi was allotted for the Thar Institute of Science and Technology in a meeting of the Land Reservation Committee. The meeting was chaired by Chief Secretary Sindh, Syed Mumtaz Ali Shah, on Thursday.

Classes at the university, which began last year, took place in a cultural department building because of a lack of a separate university campus.

The residents of Thar, especially the youth, have welcomed the Sindh government’s move.

Partab Shivani, head of Thar Education Alliance (a group working to promote education in Thar), told The Independent Urdu that allocating land for the university campus was a welcome development.

Shivani adds that even though establishing a NED University campus is reasonable, they have always demanded a full-fledged university instead. “We will continue our struggle to establish a complete university,” he says.

According to Mumtaz Nehru, a local journalist from Mithi city, 9,000 students from the Tharparkar district pass the entrance exam every year. Due to the lack of a university in the region, most are unable to fulfill their dreams. Only 1,000 students are able to go to universities in other cities.

Last year, the youth of Thar launched the hashtag #TharNeedsUniversity on Twitter, which remained a top trending topic in Pakistan for several days.

A few days later, PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari announced the establishment of a campus of NED University in Thar.

Farhat Imtiaz Januri, a spokesperson for the Chief Secretary Sindh, said that the Sindh government has also allocated 10 acres for Sindh Madressatul Islam University, 10 acres for setting up a campus in District West of Karachi, 4 acres for Government Boys Degree College in Daharki, and others for commercial purposes.

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