From 300 Children Of Kasur Child Abuse Scandal To Innocent Zainab – We Failed To Change Anything

Tragedies and catastrophe have become a part of routine activity, almost making us insensitive towards it. But today’s morning didn’t feel the same for anyone with even an ounce of humanity left in themselves.
Ever since the pictures of a beautiful innocent 7 years old girl’s body resting helplessly on a heap of garbage floated across social media, we can’t help but have the same sentiments we had about Kasur Child Abuse Scandal two years back, if not worse. The former case revealed how vulnerable our kids are at the hands of these inhumane individuals, Zainab’s case reflects our remorse and more than that, our failure to change anything in all these years.

Today we see lengthy arguments, detailed posts on social media and verbal condemnation of the horrific incident, but all of this will fade away in a couple of days, just like it did in 2015.
After shallow promises by the government, media arguments losing their intensity and people, who already have mentally found consensus with these brutal incidents. will put the case to rest until another Zainab meets the same fate.

While the media ranted for four days straight on a ‘secret marriage’ and treated it like a national issue, the actual problems like increasing cases of child abuse will be silenced like they have always been in the past.The media likes allotting their broadcasting space to the issues that provide them an opportunity to pursue their ulterior motifs and the authoritative figures will not bother to bat an eye on them as they themselves are not vulnerable to them.
Then who should these grieved families look towards?

That only leaves us for us – the fellow citizens who know that they are equally endangered and are at the risk of being the victim. If even we accept this as something that is completely normal to happen, there will be nothing we would be able to do if these brutal predators turn to our homes tomorrow.

Zainab’s brutal rape and murder has shaken us up, but opening our eyes to it further depresses us by seeing how helpless we are.
Nonetheless, people realizing their responsibility have taken Twitter by storm demanding justice for Zainab.

The government individuals are debating on the media saying that the social media exaggerated the number of cases in Kasur incident, it is obvious that the killers are from the girl’s family, and that these types of incidents are ‘normal’, which is a perfect representation of how aware they are of their responsibility.

Nothing can suffice, but the least we can do is to raise voice against it!

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