37pc young girls in Punjab do not have access to quality education, employment opportunities

37pc young girls in Punjab, Pakistan facing unemployment and lack of education.


  • 37pc young girls in Punjab, Pakistan facing unemployment and lack of education: UNICEF.
  • UNICEF released a report, conducted in Punjab where 6 million girls out of 11 million are underprivileged aged 15-19 years.
  • UNICEF is willing to support and work with the government of Pakistan to empower young girls and provide them opportunities for better education and employment.

On Friday, the Population Council released a report with the support of the UNICEF regarding employment and education of underprivileged girls in Punjab. It stated that 37pc young girls all over Punjab are unfortunately deprived of quality education and employment opportunities that can empower themselves in society.

The report, which was conducted in three different districts of Punjab also, explores lives, aims and viewpoints of the substantially invisible group of older young girls from 15-19 years of age who are not well educated, employed and not even married. If these girls are provided with the proper opportunities to be associated with institutional school and formal workspace where they might enhance their skills, knowledge and earn themselves an income of their own, the report stated.

The UNICEF study showed that the 6 million girls out of 11 million reside in Punjab and they are between 15 to 19 years of age. These indigent girls’ lives are occupied to do household work, taking care of their siblings and support their parents.

Aida Girma, Country Representative of the UNICEF strongly stated the role and support of UNICEF to work with the government of Pakistan to make sure that no child is left behind when it comes to education.

Kanwal Shauzeb, MNA and Parliamentary Secretary, Planning Development & Reform, and Dr. Zeba Sathar, Country Director, Population Council also highlighted the importance and need to provide all kind of opportunities to these girls so that they can polish their potential and empower themselves to become a respectable citizen of the country.

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