4 medical tests you MUST take before marriage to avoid sexual and genetic diseases

Some necessary precautions and medical tests are now being considered very important for married couples to overcome these complications.

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Many marriages in Pakistan bring in genetic disorders and complications in Children. Some necessary precautions and medical tests are now being considered very important for married couples to overcome these complications.

Genetic, hereditary, bacterial, and infertility tests are very important before marriage. Many people consider these tests unnecessary while doctors say these medical examinations can help you avoid various problems in the future.

Test for sexually transmitted Infections (STIs)

While talking to BBC Urdu, a specialist physician at the Rehman Medical Complex, Dr. Hamira Achakzai said, “It is important for people to know about this now because of the bacterial or inherited diseases that often occur in couples after marriage.

Some of these diseases can be cured, but there are some diseases that not only affect the married couple but can also transfer to future generations.

Four medical tests are very important for the diagnosis of STIs. These tests include HIV, hepatitis B, C, and other sexually transmitted diseases.

Timely treatment can prevent conditions like infertility and abortion associated with STI.

Genetic Disease Test

In Pakistan, thalassemia is the most prevalent genetic disorder, according to a study report, 100 000 patients are suffering from thalassemia, indicating the most severe form of thalassemia presence in Pakistan.

Thalassemia is primarily an anemic disorder that affects most children.

Dr. Saima Ayoub, a lady stationed at the Hayatabad Medical Complex, said that a normal person who seems healthy but has the thalassemia minor germs.

Dr. Saima Ayoub further said, if both parents carry the trait, there is a considerable risk that the baby will develop thalassemia major disease.

There has been a lot of research on the disease, but no effective cure has been found so far. To prevent this problem, a married couple must undergo a preventive test.

“The chances of the disease increase in case of family marriages, but it is not mandatory because the thalassemia bacteria can be found in anyone,” said Dr. Hamira Achkzai.

Hereditary disorders test

According to Dr. Hamira Achakzai, this is a specific test and we recommend looking at a patient’s history. She said that hereditary diseases usually occur in couples who marry within the family.

These diseases include diabetes and high blood pressure.

Infertility Test

Infertility tests are done in different countries of the world whereas, these tests are mandatory in China.

According to doctors, this is a very sensitive matter and often men or women refuse to take such tests before marriage and then suffer various problems after marriage.


In many countries, including Pakistan, who do not have children are facing many social problems.

Women are often blamed for this problem while doctors say infertility problems are also found in men, and it is necessary for them to have their test done.

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