4 Million Women In Balochistan Do Not Have Identity Cards – Will Not Participate In Elections

Gender disparity presents a harrowing picture as only 1.8 million out of 5.8 million women in Balochistan will be participating in the electoral process this year. Due to the restrictions imposed on them by social limitations, conservative and controlling family structures and problems they face by travelling, about 4 million female population are deprived by their fundamental right of holding a National Identity Card.

Due to that, this significant section of the society is impeded to take part in general elections 2018 and exercise their right to vote.
Members of civil society, working for the rights to declare the stats as highly concerning. According to them, women population of Panjgur, Naseerabad and Jafarabad do not have their identity cards.

Members of NGOs Sana Durrani, Ms Haleem, Zulekha Raisani and Hir Munir said that will all the societal stigmatization and restrictions that women of the said area face, increase in the fee for the identity card has further caused the hindrance, building unbreakable barriers for their political participation.

They said that to provide these women with their rights to vote and inclusiveness in the political process, NADRA (National Database and Registration Authority) needs to render help and by exempting the fee, more women will be encouraged to be involved as it will eliminate the financial barrier.
“Political parties should give women a say in making important decisions so that more and more women join politics’’ – activists added.

Keeping in view the indigence and insecurities of the province, the women need to be provided equal representation on all social fronts. Members of the NGOs also added that another contributing reason behind the decrease in women voters in Balochistan was the shortage of NADRA mobile vans. They urgent the NADRA to consider it and do something about it.

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