Tired of your charging getting drained? HERE are 4 best tips to make your mobile battery last longer

Here are four best tips to improve the battery life of your Phone

Several factors contribute to low battery life on your mobile phone. Frames that are more delicate, brighter screens, durable processors, background software, and faster internet connections all take their toll on phone batteries.

Here are four best tips to improve the battery life of your Phone

Turn On Power Saving Mode

Switching your phone into power saver mode will automatically cut back on functions that may decrease battery life.

Many cell phones offer Device Maintenance, which eradicates crashed apps, corrupt pieces of data, and other impurities that can utilize memory on your phone and suck up energy.

Disable all Tracking Apps

Features like Bluetooth, NFC, phone visibility, and location services are helpful but drain your battery as your phone beeps to connect and update. If you are looking to save your mobile’s power, turn all the features off until you need them.

Don’t use Moving Wallpapers

Always stay away from moving wallpaper, because it takes energy for your display to animate it. It is also helpful to restrict yourself to a background with fewer colors since the display will consume more power if it needs to reduce many different colors.

Keep Your Phone on Silent Mode

A phone continually beeping and vibrating with notifications is irritating and is also a drain on the battery, so cut it out.

Your phone has to activate an internal motor to buzz, which uses energy. Go into the sound and vibration settings and turn vibration intensity down. Here, you can also disable haptic feedback, so your mobile does not vibrate when you type or touch the screen.

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