400-year-old practice continues in India as brides are still ‘tested’ for virginity [VIDEO]

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A conflict has been brewing within the Kanjarbhat community, one of the tribes in the Indian state of Maharashtra, where young people are challenging the centuries-old tradition of “testing” the virginity of brides on their wedding night.

The practice, said to be 400 years old, decides whether the bride is a virgin or not by looking for bloodstains on a white bedsheet that the newly-wed couple is directed to use for intercourse on their wedding night. If the bride is determined not to be a virgin as a result of the “test,” her family faces heavy fines or even isolated from the community.

The Virginity Test

The couple will go inside with a white bedsheet, and the groom has to come out with a red bloodstain on it.

“People outside are sitting, waiting, and they’ll ask him if the ‘product’ was good or not good.” The “product” is her, the bride.

However, if she doesn’t bleed on her wedding night, she can be subjected to beatings and public humiliation — even a divorce.

Wedding night virginity testing is practiced by the Kanjarbhat ethnic group of India at the order of tribal elders.

Refusing to participate can make you an outcast among your friends and family.
The process gives no credit to medical evidence that a woman’s hymen can be ruptured without sexual intercourse and that not all women bleed when it is broken.

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