45-day multiple Pakistani visa to be issued to Sikhs having foreign passports

Pakistan has taken significant to facilitate Sikh tourism in the country.


On Saturday, Punjab Governer Chaudhary Sarwar announced that the government has made to decision to issue 45 day multiple visas to Sikhs that own passports other than Indian passports.

Sarwar while talking to a delegation, led by Ejaz Alam, Minister for Minorities’ Affairs and Human Rights Punjab, and Sardar Mahindra Pal Singh, Minority MPA, said that as per the promise that was made during the first session of International Sikh Convention, issuing more than one visas for Sikh pilgrims, that had foreign passports other than Indian passports, is going to start.

As per Sarwar, the decision is being made to celebrate Baba Guru Nanak’s 550th anniversary and 10,000 Sikhs will be able to arrive in Pakistan for the first time with this step. PM Imran Khan will inaugurate the Kartarpur corridor in November.

Establishment of tourism desks, special bus services:

Previously, Zulfi Bukhari told that to facilitate the Sikh community, special tourism desks will be established in the Pakistani embassies. It will assist Sikh Yatrees that will be visiting the country. He also announced high standard bus services will also be provided, connecting all the main Gurdwaras in Pakistan. Special religious visas, online visas might be announced, Bukhari added, that has now been confirmed as well.

Doors of 500 years old Gurdwara opened: 

In an attempt to revive religious tourism in Pakistan, a gurdwara dating back 500 years in Sialkot has now been opened for Sikh pilgrims from India. Gurdwara Babe-de-Ber will now allow Sikh pilgrims to perform their religious rituals.

Punjab hosts Sikh pilgrims from countries across the world (Europe, Canada, and the United States), particularly India. However, pilgrims from Indian Punjab previously faced problems while visiting but thanks to the tireless efforts of Punjab Governor Muhammad Sarwar, it is now possible.

Sarwar ordered Punjab’s Auqaf department to include Sikh pilgrims from India to the list. So now, they can visit the Sialkot gurdwara with ease. Indian Sikh pilgrims particularly visit Pakistan on the birth and death anniversaries of Guru Nanak, the martyrdom of Guruwar Jin Devji as well as the Besakhi festival and the death anniversary of Maharaja Ranjit Singh. (Read more here)

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