5 Beautiful Junaid Jamshed Naats That Will Always Keep Him Alive

سوچتا ہوں ڈھلیں گے یہ اندھیرے کیسے

لوگ رخصت ہوۓ اور لوگ بھی کیسے کیسے



2016 definitely was a heavy year for us as we lost few precious gems. They may have left this world physically but they will always remain alive in our hearts. Neither Ramzan nor Eid Milad un Nabi (saww) feels the same without voices of Amjab Sabri and Junaid Jamshed.

Today marks the one-year death anniversary of Junaid Jamshed. It is hard to believe how quickly time passes and its already been an entire year. But that’s the thing about people who make an impact – they always stay alive in the hearts of people they touched.
The way Junaid Jamshed dedicated his entire life to the service of Islam is inspirational but along with that, how he always preached tolerance, love, and harmony towards each other is a vibrant example for all of us to follow.

His soulful voice still echoes in our hearts and will remain there till the world ends.
Here are 5 extremely passionate and heartfelt naats in Junaid Jamshed’s voice that are absolutely matchless and beautiful. 

1) Muhammad (saww) Ka Roza Qareeb Aa Raha Hai


2) Mera Dil Badal Day


3)  Main To Ummati hun Aye Shah e Ummam (saww)


4) Mere Nabi (saww) Pyaare Nabi (saww)

5) Faizan e Muhammad (saww)


These will surely keep him alive, always. What a food for the soul!

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