Want to start your own business? Here are 5 ideas and estimated initial investment needed in Pakistan

Here are some of the best investment ideas in 2020

This year brings many challenges for businesses of all sizes and shapes due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Numerous organizations suffered losses, but the difficult economic situation and tough time offer investors’ excellent opportunities in many sectors.

Here are some of the best investment ideas in 2020:

  1. Transport and supply business

You can make money by helping shippers or business owners move their products from the port to designated locations. You can do that with the help of adapted motorcycles with back inventory for sale, food vehicles, trucks, or vans equipped with kitchenettes to sell food.

Estimated investment required 5 to 6 lacs
Required experience: none
Expertise: knowledge about demanding supply goods
Profit returns: high
  1. Development of mobile applications

Developing applications for mobile phones is one of the rapidly growing businesses. You can take advantage of this opportunity due to the immense demand and excessive usage of mobile applications.

The best part about this business is that you can run it from home by having good internet speed and a laptop.

Estimated investment required: approximately two lacs only
Required experience: yes
Expertise: Software application development
Profit returns: very high
  1. Microfinance and loan business

Another high demand business is the request for microloans or small-scale financing, which offers material goods such as jewels, watches, technological devices, etc.

Profit margins are handsome in this business, but it requires covering two fundamental aspects to start it,

  • Having sufficient capital to offer loans,
  • Applying for adequate permits due to a financing service similar to banking,
Estimated investment required: 50 to 70 lac
Required experience: none
Expertise: none
Profit returns: very high
  1. Gyms and fitness centers

Another business in high demand is gyms. The gym culture has changed, from the idea of ​​male bodybuilders in the gym to families and homemakers doing cardio exercise and getting fat reduced. It requires a small capital investment. However, the returns enable you to develop a profitable business.

Estimated investment required: approximately 20 lac
Required experience: no
Expertise: none
Profit returns: moderate
  1. E-commerce websites

Internet shopping has gradually taken over the retail industry. Many countries worldwide, including Pakistan, have endured the idea of ​​purchasing items online. You can design an e-commerce platform for customers and retailers to come together to sell their products.

Estimated investment required: one lac
Required experience: yes
Expertise: software development and coding
Profit returns: moderate

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  • such stupid list
    Development of mobile applications
    don’t you need expertise or you just need 2lakh rupees?

  • To be honest, it is a poorly written article.
    Food delivery doesn’t work, unless u r driver for a known entity or u would need a much larger investment.
    U seriously cannot do sw apps for 200k Rs. Did u put into account the cost of PC and other sw + memberships.
    How does one do micro finance without experience. What if someone runs away with your money?
    Gym is the worst business in Covid.
    Websites is more or less the same business as Apps

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